Written by Robbie

16 Jul 2016

Following on from my arranged visit with the Mormon sisters….

By Saturday evening before my visit to Maryn and Ember on Sunday I am having second thoughts about the whole thing. I dated an Evangelist some years before and she was a dangerous looney tunes and it occurred to me Mormons were even worse, so I thought I should firmly set out my stall. At my age I don’t want to waste any bloody time on Emily Bronte type, will she, wont she, dalliances.

So I called and Ember answered and told me Maryn was out at the foodstore. No problem, she will do. So I explained gently that I was really too old to be used and messed around, that we are adults, and I needed to know honestly what was expected of me in our arrangement. That teaching Maryn a few shaky guitar chords hardly seemed enough to pay her for her piano lessons. To discuss it with Maryn and call me back to let me know if I should still come on Sunday.

Maryn called back about an hour later, was sorry that I felt that they were being disingenuous and told me that I should still come on Sunday. She had spoken to Ember and they were both in agreement about how much they both were looking forward to seeing me. That they loved my English accent and humor and to please come over. She joked about them not drinking tea but would buy me some beer !

Oooooo I so needed a wank after that phone call. It took all my willpower to resist to preserve my strength.

Sunday afternoon I am dressed nicely in my Sunday best when I arrived at their house. They have only just returned from church, thankfully they are dressed in similar colors but not identical. Business like suits and white blouses. Maryn has her hair swept up in a bun and Ember has braids. Skirts just knee length, black stockings and black heels. In five words…they are both fucking gorgeous.

But it is June 1pm in Kansas and very hot and humid so they leave me out on the shaded porch, while they get changed. And they give me a beer ! This is HUGE.....just to buy it! as Mormons don’t drink tea, coffee and especially alcohol which is seriously forbidden. I am kind of disappointed to say goodbye to the black stockings and heels, but when they return I am no longer disappointed. They are both wearing embroidered V neck short sleeve dresses. Maryn in white, Ember in powder blue, mid calf length and sandals. There is clearly not much underneath and Maryn’s nipples are obvious and when they move the fabric is not tight but nicely fitting. They both look fresh and lovely.

They had made a buffet lunch and they were drinking lemonade. It is too hot to eat outside so we go inside to what they call their “best room”. We would call it a parlour. There is a nice relaxed atmosphere around the dining table, as we eat, and as I try and tempt them to try the beer. Just the smell is making them wince and grimace. Yuk is the verdict. We talked a lot about me growing up in England.

I wondering if I should say anything about the day, but before I can Ember starts and Maryn mainly nods in agreement. I wont write the whole discussion, but how they poured their hearts out to me. I was somebody they could talk with, someone they both felt safe and comfortable with and that I was English and “different” ( This time I don’t think it was about foreskins !) . They told me about Mormonism, abusive relationships, infrequent sex, divorce, lack of love, obedience to the church.

It is clear that Ember is the stronger character and her sister respects her opinion on everything.

Ember had some awful Mormon relationships, had been left hanging often and never married. Maryn although married for many years had only had sex on her wedding night, birthdays and anniversaries and then only while both were wearing church undergarments. As they are called “flappies” you will get the image. They were unburdening for more than an hour but it was peppered with much fun and wild laughter when they realized how bizarre it must sound to an outsider. So sad, the one thing that caused me to bite my lip was that neither had ever seen a man naked or had been completely naked with a man. And they were in their fifties.

During a lighter moment we were talking about of all things, cricket. I told them that in a test match this was the origin of the phrase “Cometh the hour. Cometh the man” which I knew was a distortion of a version of John verse 4 point something “But the hour cometh” and even I as an atheist I still loved the odd bible quote. And Ember fixed me with her eyes, head on one side, smiling cheekily and said “and has our hour cometh ?” There was an awkward silence and I said…”Evidently” It was an electrically charged moment that seemed to last forever.

I stood up and slowly undressed, not a word was said. Not much to remove really just shirt and pants as I was commando. They sat there at the dining table transfixed. Standing there stark bollock naked I then invited them to inspect the property. Neither was upset, more stunned and curious. Ember was smiling ear to ear but Maryn was blushing and had her hands on her cheeks. My uncut cock was semi erect but gaining ground by the second.

They stroked me all over, cupped my balls, were fascinated by my growing erection and foreskin. No kissing. It was like being examined by aliens. Very, very strange.

Eventually the silence ended when I started laughing as they tickled me. It was like a glass shattering and then Ember is kissing me lustfully. I don’t know what Maryn is doing but there are many hands on my cock, balls and ass.

They tell me now, because I don’t remember in the heat of the moment back then, that I said. “Hold on girls there is cake for everyone”. And laughing we all moved to a bedroom which is on the same floor.

First I undressed Maryn, There was not much to undress, just the dress. She was braless and her breasts were wonderful and she quickly slid slightly embarrassed beneath the duvet before I could get her panties off. Ember wasn’t waiting and was already undressed and began frantically biting me with love nips as she got my full attention. I pulled down her panties and she attempted to crawl onto the bed, I hauled her back , held her thighs tightly, and from behind buried my face deep into her pussy, jabbing and lapping with my tongue. From her noise, you would have thought an animal had died.

Funny as fuck, Maryn is shouting “Don’t hurt her”. Ember is shouting louder ” Shut up stupid, he’s not hurting me” No orgasm, but she is bucking so hard against my face that I have to stop. For a woman who has been unopened for a while, surprisingly her vagina is gaping wide open and in one movement I am standing at the side of the bed with my cock balls deep in her lovely hole. I am too far gone and with three or four deep strokes I unload and she bellows like a cow as I firmly hold her shoulders and keep my cock pressed deep into her cunt. She rolled onto the bed gasping besides Maryn.

I sat on the side of the bed for a few moments feeling dizzy and saying ”Time out” before joining Maryn on her side of the bed.

Thank God for Viagra. I cant reload as fast at my age but can still manage a residual semi erection for a while after coming. Maryn has removed her panties and I am slowly exploring her exquisite breasts, flat stomach and then her labia with my fingers. Her clitoris becomes very prominent but it takes a little while before she lets me insert a finger although she is soaking wet. She turns her head and we are locked in the French kiss of her life. Ember is still recovering.

Time passes and Maryn is breathing heavier as I manage to get two fingers in and as I rotate them she is groaning loudly. By now my cock is just about useful so I manoeuvre her hips to where I can get the tip in. She helps me by bearing down. Its awkward and hot so I throw off the duvet to get better access to her cunt. Oh my god this is delicious.

And then I am aware that Ember has come round this side of the bed and is watching intently but not touching.

And then Maryn is screaming “Please on my knees, on my knees “ and so I stop while she got on her knees and I entered her from behind. Not as vigorous as the first fuck but still very nice slow strokes. And all the time Ember is sitting on the bed close by watching intently. At one point she pulled Maryn’s ass cheek back so she could get a better view of the penetration. Jeez, that pushed me over the top, and I pulled Maryn’s hair bun back as I climaxed and she screamed.

I don’t know if I passed out but certainly my legs gave way and I collapsed on the pillows.

And so it went on for a while, one and then the other, deep kissing, fingers in vagina, wanking, nipple sucking, but not cocksucking ( that came much later). Eventually when Ember went to the bathroom I went down on Maryn and her clitoris was the size of an acorn. Just 2 women enjoying my body and me enjoying them. We laughed at what we had done. We laughed a lot. They are both beautiful women and I now love them both. You will have guessed there is a lot more yet to come.

I left about 7pm knackered with lots of parting affection. Staying the night is not an option. There are too many watchers with binoculars. They were keen for me to look exactly the same leaving as I did arriving, so my clothes were ironed before I left carrying my unopened guitar case that I could hardly lift into the car trunk.

We also agreed to make plans for more fun away from prying eyes.

Update July 2016. This all happened over a year ago and we have all been in a wonderful loving relationship since then. Still discreet in our home towns, we get away regularly on trips. I am writing this on the veranda of an oceanfront condo we rented on New Smyrna Beach in Florida. Maryn is sitting beside me and has just read this prior to me posting and is only embarrassed about my reference to her “acorn size clitoris” . I told her to write her own account but she is having none of it.

A typical day here on one of our trips. We had dinner together last night and on returning I went to bed with Ember, as pre- arranged, and had wonderful sex. At first light I slipped into Maryn’s bed and had a beautiful morning arousal to the sound and smell of the ocean as the sun came up. Ember jokingly reminded me at breakfast that we may have some unfinished business for this afternoon. She may be right. I wont know who’s bed I will be in tonight. They will decide, but we all agree that threesomes are overrated. They are clearly in charge and I am compliant.

Also recently, they have suggested that I become a Mormon, I think that is maybe a step too far for this Warrington boy. But as I am so truly blessed by being loved so deeply by two such beautiful, intense and sexual women, anything might happen. I am so deeply in love with them both. I am 67 this year and having the best time of my life.

Adios Amigos