Written by Lisa

6 Jun 2007

If you have already ready Under Her Control 3, you will already know who I am. I have finally agreed to JP's request to post my side of things following the events a few weeks ago.

It started with an innocent request from sis to und and keep her company whilst JP went to the club to watch the football final. She did hint, though, that there might be a surprise end to the evening - some surprise!

As the evening wore on and we drank more and more wine she finally revealed what she meant. She told me that her and JP occasionally played a game where he stripped and wanked in front of (or sometimes over) her as she was dressed in secretary type clothes. She had got a bit worried lately though because he seemed to be egging her on to bringing some mates back and making him do it in front of them. She felt this would be too embarrassing and that's where I came in - hopefully we would nip it in the bud.

Anyway he arrived home, got us more drinks then announced he was off to bed. No chance says sis, show Lisa your party trick. After some encouragement and lewd comments (we were pissed by now), you could tell he finally decided to do it - OMG!

He slowly started to strip, looking me in the eye the whole time. He is in pretty good shape for his age and, of course, I have seen him in just shorts many times; but this was different. Before long he was down to just tight boxers with a distinct bulge that he slowly stroked and I could tell he was waiting for sis to tell him to stop. By now my mouth was dry and I could feel the knot in my stomach as I realised he was going all the way.

He stepped out of his boxers and started stroking a pretty rampant looking knob, again looking straight at me. I couldn't help myself and started to rub my clit through my linen trousers. He saw me and moved across, asking me if I wanted to help?! This was the point of no return and I just couldn't resist. My nipples were already on fire and I felt such a tingling down below. I stood up and replaced his hand with mine, squeezing his balls and slowly peeling back the foreskin - it was already oozing.

I was almost in a trance as he pulled off my tee shirt and released my bra. As my boobs came free, my nipples just exploded and felt so alive as he nibbled at one and slowly tweaked the other with his finger and thumb. As he worked his way down my body my legs started to give way, so that by the time he licked my clit I could stand it no longer and fell on top of him. My mouth went straight to his knob as he sucked on my clit and shoved his fingers up me. That was it, I just came and came, screaming out with the shock and the sheer power of the feeling as it exploded through me. He carried on licking, nibbling and playing with my arse and fanny as I just kept having mini orgasms. I had never felt like this before.

Finally he said he was about to come, so I told him to spray it over me - which he did covering my face, neck and tits with gallons of the stuff. As he did, I could hear sis cumming as well. The whole room just smelled of sex and I felt fantastic.

We tidied ourselves up and I went home to my useless husband - asleep as usual. I lay in bed listening to him snoring and couldn't help playing with myself, bringing myself off in no time as I tweaked my own nipples and rubbed my clit where JP's tongue and fingers had been only a few minutes earlier.

Since that night nothing more has happened between us, but I know it will. It will always involve all 3 of us as I won't go behind her back, but I can't wait for another session - it just felt so rude and naughty! I can't tell you how many times I've masturbated as I've thought of what happened - I'm even playing with myself now as I type this. I'm sure JP will keep you up to date on events!