Written by JP

18 Aug 2008

Just had a visit from my sister in law Lisa to my office - to lay down the \\\"ground rules\\\" for the new relationship between her, me and my wife following last week\\\'s events.

She is seriously up for it, but under no circumstances are the 2 of us to have sex without her sister (my wife) being there, although no mention of anything else. It seems her husband has become less and less interested over the last year or so, preferring to get pissed and watch TV rather than giving his (very) randy wife a good seeing to. He must be bonkers. As she sat there in peasant skirt and tight top all I could think about was how to get my hands on her. It also seems that she has been wearing out a number of vibrators, including a little something she carries in her bag all the time.

Needless to say I asked her to show me, but she refused at first. Moving round my desk I said \\\"go on, I\\\'ll show you mine if you\\\'ll show me yours\\\" as I unzipped to show her a very healthy erection. She crumbled again and just took him straight in her mouth, sucking for all she was worth. She undid my belt and pulled my trousers and boxers down, leaving me stood in my office with pants round my ankles getting the bj of my life. The possibility of being caught just added to my excitement and when she started to stroke my balls and arse I just shot my load - right down her throat as she swallowed the lot.

As I calmed down I said \\\"right then, your turn\\\", at which she produced an electric toothbrush from her bag, hoisted her skirt and set the brush end against her clit. Christ it was a turn on. It was as though she had been plugged into the mains and her hips bucked and she kicked her legs out. She pushed a couple of fingers inside her cunt and gradually worked them faster and faster, plunging them in and out and shuddering as she came almost straight away. She then turned it off but carried on lightly stroking herself as she gradually calmed down. I could see her juices glistening on her swollen cunt lips and was desperate to shag her.

I offered to clean her out with my tongue, hoping this would lead on to something more, but she refused and explained again the original reason for the visit - to lay down the ground rules. She\\\'s got no chance. She really is desperate for it and it won\\\'t be long before she\\\'s after it again - sister or no sister. One last thought - try the electric toothbrush - the effect is astonishing!