Written by JP

19 Sep 2008

Since my Sister in Law Lisa's visit to my office and her demonstration with the electric toothbrush, we have not had any chance for a repeat performance - neither with nor without my wife. However, my sex life at home has gone into overdrive.

We recently had a few days away in the West Country and, needless to say, I was keen to see the effects of the toothbrush on my wife - I was not disappointed! On the way home I had a cunning plan and hid the electric toothbrush in the glove box of the car.

As we drove up the M5 I suggested to my wife that she might like to lower her jeans a little and have a little play with herself. She wasn't too keen on the idea but, just to humour me I think, she loosened the belt and lowered the zip a bit and gave herself a gentle rub - nothing too adventurous.

That's no good I said, you'll never get the toothbrush in there. Pull them right down I said as I opened the glove box and pointed to where it was waiting for her. Clearly this little "toy" had won her over as she agreed to my requests, lifted her bum to slide down her jeans and pants and proceeded to run the vibrating brushes up and down her cunt lips and over her clit.

It wasn't long before she built to a small orgasm and she carried on just easing it up and down her cunt. She had lowered the seat by now and her eyes were closed as she concentrated on her pure pleasure. She didn't notice me slowing down as we hit the usual traffic jam near the M6. I carefully positioned the car as close as I could to a lorry on the nearside and kept track with his speed.

By this time my wife had both feet up on the dash, the toothbrush clamped against her clit and was rolling her right nipple with her left hand - having pulled up her t shirt and bra. I could see the lorry driver had noticed through the sunroof and I have no idea how he didn't crash as we crawled along.

My wife was building to a big orgasm now as she ran the toothbrush up and down and alternated her left hand between her nipples and her cunt where she was thrusting them in and out and pulling on her cunt lips. The smell of sex in the car was fantastic as she really started to go for it. Hips thrusting upwards, nipples erect and her hand a blur as she plunged it in and out of herself. Finally she let out a long drawn out groan and seemed to go into spasm as a massive orgasm ripped through her.

As she gradually calmed down she became aware of how slowly we were moving and she couldn't help but notice when the lorry driver blasted his horn in appreciation! I expected her to be horrified, but she just sat there stroking herself and didn't give a damn that she had just put on a great show. As we joined the M6 and accelerated away, she adjusted her clothing and threatened me not to stop at any services where the lorry driver could catch up with us - she isn't ready to go that far - yet!