Written by Zed

31 Mar 2018

My husband has a fetish for underwear, he likes to touch me while I still have my clothes on and and likes me to keep my stockings and knickers on, he likes me to also wear petticoat s, these are probably old fashioned but he gets such a thrill I don't mind.tThis was always at home this didn't bother me until he wanted me to go public, it was awkward as most women don't wear these sort of clothes nowadays, he said we should go to a pub, but not local and I could flash to other men, he wanted me show off my underwear to other men.

I have to tell you I am mesmerized by my husband and do anything he asks, we picked a pub in the country, where older people went not a trendy 20 something,s.

We thought it would be more appropriate, it turned out to be a warm day and we settled in the garden at one of those pub benches, he went to get the drinks, we had sat opposite a middle aged man reading his paper, my husband returned walking behind the man to make sure he had a good view, I had pulled my dress up just enough to show the hem of my lacy white petticoat, perfect he said as he sat down, we sat chatting while I kept my on him to see if he was looking, he kept glancing over, it was awkward the way the benches where to really show anymore the sun had moved off our bench and we sat on the grass.

As we sat I made sure my knickers and stockings were easy to see, I could see he was becoming more interested, my husband had his back to him so I could tell him what was happening, he told me to pull my knees up and open my legs slightly while he went for a refill, he returned saying it was the perfect sight I could see your knickers and suspenders and the lacy petticoat, I said the man was pretending to read the paper but was obviously enjoying the view, my husband was now sitting next to me still with his back to him, he slid his hand under my petticoat on to my suspenders and then my knickers rubbing my Clit through the material. I looked around but no one else about, finger me two fingers slipped past knickers and straight in, I started pushing against his hand and made it obvious what was happening, he had put his paper down and just stared at us.

My husband said he wanted to change places and watch while he fingered me till I came and I wanked him off, what here, yes there's nobody about, wait he's leaving he returned with a tray of drinks and sat opposite me, these are for you to thank you for such a lovely lunchtime, I'm sure you knew I was watching, yes my husband's arm was still under my dress but it was pulled down just showing my petticoat, we chatted he said how much he was turned on watching, my husband went back to the bar and came back with more drinks, I had pulled my dress up to my stocking tops, I explained that my husband loved underwear and public, who doesn't, would you like a closer view he nodded my dress was up and fingers inside me, he could hear the wet sound, I said do you want to swap places while my husband watches and Wanks off yes they swapped sides, checking the coast was clear.

My dress and petticoat was up past my very damp white knickers and he was soon fingering me my husband was openly wanking, I knew none of us would last long I undid his trousers and stroked him he was as hard as nails, I could hear my husband was close to Cumming, he speeded up and so did I, my husband came over my arm and he made a point of shooting over my knickers, I wasn't far behind, we cleaned up and said what a great afternoon, our visitor said had we done this before I said flashing but not this, he said he was an ardent voyeur and that he went to many places to watch other people and wank, but didn't expect this here.

He said his favorite place was the cinema and many enjoyable times, would you like to try it, we could go in together and you could watch, we both nodded, I said you can call us anytime, he said he lived alone and would probably wank off again tonight, could he take my knickers home, I slipped them off and he put them in his pocket. We said goodbye, my husband was delighted with our outing, did you enjoy it, of course as much as you, do you fancy the cinema, of course he said if we find the right place he can fuck you, sounds exciting, let you know what happened.