Written by DAVE

26 Jul 2008

I work in an office with mainly women. I usually spend most of the week out of the office seeing customers but recently I have been stucki in more.

I get in early and so does Sarah - I surprised her one morning when she seemed busy at work

on her computer. She was not working at all but doodling and I saw she had drawn a huge cock and balls. She cleared the screen in an instant when she realised I was nearby but not quickly enough.

Sarah is quite plain and a bit prim looking.

I began to change my mind about her and suddenly to fancy her. I was working with her one afternoon and one of the flirty girls in the office began talking about David Beckham wearing his wife\'s panties. She joked that she thought I was probably wearing purple silk knickers. I went along with the joke and said that I preferred the pink ones because I liked the little bows.

Later in the afternoon I was just with Sarah and I told her that I thought she would look really sexy in black underwear. I just said it and I don\'t think many men have ever said anything like that to her before. She is married but to a much older guy. She is about thirty and he is about forty five.

I really began to think about her a lot because although she is plain and a bit geeky

there is something about her mouth that suggests she is sensual and then there was the morning I caught her doodling.

I found that we began bumping into each other more and more at work at having little chats.

There was always smiles and eye contact and I usually got a semi hard on.

When her birthday was coming up she was talking about what she and her husband would be doing. I said to her when there was just the two of us that I would like to buy her a present but I thought she might take offense at the present. I told her I wanted to buy her some sexy underwear. I told her that I didin\'t need to see her in it but I just wanted to buy it for her. She didn\'t answer straight away so I added that she should ask her husband if it was o.k. I did have a hard on after talking to her because there was a real charge between us.

There was a delicious thrill to it - pursuing this other man\'s wife who was showing an interest in me and who looked a so innocent and yet was ready to be corrupted.

I got more bold and kept pressing her about the underwear and to ask her hubby. I asked her to come with me to pick it. I could tell that she loved being pursued in this way.

She agreed to accept the gift but said she would not ask her husband. I took her to buy some and she chose a matching set of silky

top, bra and high cut frilly edged panties.

My cock was raging as we walked through the shopping centre at lunchtime knowing what she had in her bag.

I asked her to e-mail me at work when she was wearing her underwear. We used a code.

I then began to press her about letting me see her wearing the underwear. We are both married

but I wanted to push her into letting her husband know. I went to her house on the pretext of learning about computers from her.

We sat next to each other at the computer in one corner of the room while her husband

was sat on their sofa reading. She was explainng stuff to me until i began stroking her lower back with my thumb. Her voice started to waiver then she just went quiet. I drew a large cock and balls on the screen and asked if this was a useful thing to know about.

She said that it was. I had button fly jeans on and managed to let my cock - end poke out for her to see. I turned sideways towards her

and half stood up to free my cock before sitting next to her again. She took hold of my cock and began wanking me. This came to an abrupt end because her husband had been getting more and more agitated.He jumped up from the sofa and came towrards us. He told me that he thought I should go.

He was very restrained and very polite but he was also very worked up. So I apologized and I lost my erection very quickly until I was just in their hall and about to leave. In front of him I took Sarah and began kissing her.

He tried to object but I told him to go away because it was what she wanted. Then I shouted at him and now my cock was really hard again.

He went out of his own house and I took her upstairs to their bed.

I go there regularly now and the biggest part of the thrill is just to take her when I want.

Her husband just accepts it now - he leaves the room when I start kissing her and goes to another part of the house or out altogether