Written by Harry

22 Aug 2019

I first met Susan when we both bought a house in the first phase of a new development . We were next door to each other , both alone, similar age. As we both left home at the same time in the morning, to walk to the station to get the same train, it was inevitable that we would get friendly and then travel together. She was not the type of woman I would normally be attracted to, being very slim and hardly any breasts, but she was elegant and looked good.

One day, getting the evening train home, I saw Susan on the station and we travelled together . It was a hot day, so when we got to our destination I suggested we go to the pub for a cold drink. We were lucky to find a quiet table in the beer garden where we could talk. She asked me about how come I was alone. I explained I was divorced, my ex wanted children but I thought it was too soon. So she found a man who wanted kids and could afford to start a family. In return I asked about her. She said she was divorced, that when she first met her husband she had told him she was bi-sexual and he was not bothered. She reckoned he had probably thought he was going to get loads of threesomes , but that never happened, and in the end he could not cope with her time out with ladies.

One drink became two, then we went for a meal, then back to my place for a night cap. She stayed the night. The sex was fun, but not mind blowing. She wanted lots of foreplay, then almost gave orders about what to do and how fast . No great passion , almost clinical . Nevertheless we became a couple , although neither of us had any intention of it being permanent.

At my suggestion we joined the local squash club . Susan was quite sporty , and the club had a good reputation for the social life. We went twice a week , each putting our names onto a beginners league.

A few weeks after we had joined , Susan told me she was having a friend round in the evening so would not be seeing me.

Of course I was curious as to who the friend might be, was it a man ? I was quite busy working on my computer . I took a break to get a drink and noticed a car pulling up outside Susan's. I recognised the visitor immediately. She was the ladies squash coach from the club . A very sporty and fit lady, whose reputation was that she did not tolerate any sexist remarks from men.

So I deduced Susan was going to have a ladies night, for the first time since we had got together. I continued my work, then went to bed.

In the morning I was awake and showered , when a message came through .

" Tell the office you are not going in this morning. Come round when I say. Susan "

I was lucky in as much as I could work from home if I wanted. I had chosen to go into the office in order to be able to travel with Susan .

30 minutes later I saw the car drive away, then came the message to go around.

Susan let me in. She was only wearing a tee shirt, her hair was tousled, and she looked puffy eyed . As soon as the front door was shut she jumped on me, her tongue in my mouth, pulling at my clothes . She never uses bad language, but she was gasping ' come and fuck me ' . It was a rush to get to the bedroom, her pulling off her tee shirt on the way . Knowing Susan as I do, I went to start her favourite form of foreplay, but she did not want it. Instead she pulled me on top of her and guided my cock in her. She was wetter than I have evr known her. Usually she keeps her legs down, only raising them when she is about to climax. This time her legs went up immediately, her fingernails were digging in my back. She was whispering " yesyes, fuck me, I'm going to cum '. I had never known her orgasm with such intensity .

Generally Susan is a one orgasm lady , a long time to get there, then she says she is too sensitive.

This time she was not pushing me away, she was not letting me stop. She wanted more , and I was enjoying myself. Her pussy was soft and wet , and pretty soon she had another climax. Still she wanted more , harder , wilder . Only after the third loud and strong orgasm did she push me off. But even that was not enough. As soon as I was lying down beside her she was up, straddled my face, her pussy rubbing on my mouth . She leant forward to take my cock in her hand, then in her mouth. usually she gives oral reluctantly and cautiously. Not this time. I was licking at her clitoris and pussy, my face soaked. She was going at my cock, determined to make me cum. And cum I did, in her mouth. A first for us. She did not stop, she seemed to want to get out every last drop. Then she sat up straight pushing her pussy hard down on my face and had another orgasm.

That seemed to be enough . She laid down by me, more like on me, her leg up so I could get my fingers onto her pussy. She was kissing me like she was madly in love. Then the words I never expected to hear from her. " Play with my arse " .

I will never know what went on between Susan and the squash coach , but whatever it was I wanted it to happen again , a lot.