Written by timefor it

29 May 2014

Tanks for the comments from the earlier posting, I am glad it touched the erotic bone of some of you as much as it did me.

The second day of our long weekend progressed a bit as I had described in the previous post. Liz and I went to London and shopped a bit, finding a new sexy dress to lure her lover, new underwear of course, lacy white but virtually see through, stockings to adorn the matching suspender belt and she was ready to give him a hard on to beat them all.

The message that she wanted to meet him again was met with his delighted reply and he asked if a threesome was possible as he had a mate who would love to meet her as he had shown him the pictures on his phone and he had said she was very alluring and just the sort of woman he would love to meet.

Liz rebuked him for showing the photos and said she did not want them showing to anyone else just in case she was recognised if they were being bandied about. He apologised and assured her he had not sent them to anyone, just shown them on his phone. How many people had seen them? three in the pub that lunchtime and nobody else.

She seemed annoyed at first and then slightly amused before I think she felt kinky feelings of lust as the thought she could fuck with two different cocks that night. I noticed one of the comments was that it might happen and I had in a way hoped I might be the third party but as I was officially not there she wanted to keep the pretence up and even suggested my clothes were removed back into our car for the evening.

We got back to the hotel after our London trip having discussed what the evening would bring. I said I would like to get a shot of the action if she could persuade them to leave the lights on and curtains open. She kissed me and said she would call the shots that night as he would be a bit submissive after the photos incident so she saw no problem. We had our meal at the golf club and then I went and sat in the bar while she waited for her two lovers separately. It was only about five minutes before they arrived and Liz made sure they sat fairly close, where she could show off her lovely legs giving me sneaky looks and entertaining them at the same time.

They had two drinks before she whispered to them telling them she thought it time to move away from the bar and to her room. We had stored my clothes as she suggested and I had the car key. We had also left her vibrator out near the bed to ensure the picture was unmistakeable that she was alone. I had also stashed a voice recorder and she had promised to activate it if she had the chance.

I watched as they got up, both guys seemed to have lumps in their trousers and they left the room together. I gave them a couple of minutes and then wandered outside with my drink looking nonchalant. I knew nobody and therefore aroused no suspicion as there was an outside seating area although it was a bit cool for sitting outside drinking.

I could just make out our room from my position and the light went on, my heart skipped a couple of beats. Time to move and see the show. I wandered into the walled garden and stayed covered by the fruit trees now well in leaf. I found a great position where I thought I was invisible from the room and saw nicely into it. My mind went back to the day before when the guy who had fucked her had been standing only five yards closer and seen her naked for the first time. I saw movement and then a man's body appeared, it was the friend of her lover, the window showed he was holding something black in his hand, her new dress. He was talking across the room and then Liz appeared her bra also missing but the thong and stockings and sussies still intact. The second male appeared, the threesome complete and I watched her thong get drawn down altogether. She picked them up and opened the window and threw them into the garden.

I watched as they played with each other, Liz extracting two rampant cocks and them exploring the body they were about to ravish and fill with their spunk. From this lively start I saw less and less as they took her to the bed which was beyond my view. I waited for a while and heard the distant sighs and grunts and some laughing but the fucking and sucking which was obviously going on was beyond my view but within earshot.

For the next hour I stood watching the window before picking up the discarded thong and pocketing it then returning to the bar for a further drink, whisky this time then took up a vigil close to the wall but within sight of the still lit window although the bedside lights were now on and the harsh main light extinguished. Once or twice I got glimpses of heads and bodies moving bur then she appeared at the window at last, naked except the stockings and sussies and then was joined by the new guy, she brought him to the window and I could make out his erect cock, nice size but not enormous, a good fucking tool.

For my benefit she took his cock in hr mouth and sucked him a bit and then bent over a chair and offered her cunt from behind. I could see her face looking into the darkness where I was before turning to face him and help guide his cock into her willing cunt. I heard her deep breath of joy and her asking him to push it in deep and fuck her hard. Music to my ears. They got their rhythm going and I was treated to a glorious fucking session with Liz urging him kep fucking her and to shoot his spunk as deep as he could because she loved lots of spunk. The guy fucking her said he was going to give her it good and the lover appeared and gave his cock to her lips. She said something about loving fucking where she might be seen and then really went for it.

They gave me a show for about ten minutes before she sucked off her lover (again) and then received a cunt full from the new guy. The end result was a collapsed heap of bodies dropping out of sight and me spunking over the grass.

I went back to the almost empty bar and had another drink the sex images imprinted firmly on my mind as I awaited a text to say all was clear. One and a half hours later the call came and as I left the now deserted bar I saw his car pulling away and Liz standing naked in the window waving to them.

I hurried back to the room which now smelt strongly of heavy scented sex fumes, the bed was a wreck of creased sheets and large wet patches and Liz lay open legged with her cunt oozing spunk. What a night she had enjoyed. Four hours plus of cock and too many orgasms to count, a silly grin on her face and a sore pussy. I gingerly added my cock to her wet cunt and fucked her gently as she told me of the two loads of spunk each of them had given her in her lovely fuck hole, an attempt at anal which failed because she was not keen on them doing her and one load down her throat, all swallowed.

She asked if I minded her seeing him on our last night too. Who was I to disappoint?