Written by older male

20 Jul 2011

Well here I was with what I can only describe as sex on legs, a total stranger in my own dressing gown waiting for her clothes to dry, we picked her up because of the soaking a kind of good Samaritan attitude onour part.

She was milking this for all it was worth opening her legs showing how wet her pussy was getting, my hard on getting harder by the minute at this my wife returned bringing her now dry clothes for her.

Off she went into the bedroom coming back dressed minutes later, I cant thank you enough she said with a sly look in my direction, can you phone a taxi to take me home? nonsense He'll take you pointingg to me.

Having said how kind we were she left giving my wife a hug and kiss on the cheek and got into my car waving to my wife on driving off. I said to her right which way? taking my left hand she said this way and put it between her legs.

My knickers are still wet so I've left them off lying little slut, she guided my hand pushing my fingers into her cunt, then grabbed my cock I nearly crashed the car No gentle squeeze as rough as hell, pulling my zip down eager to take it in her mouth well this she did right upto my balls, sucking like mad.

Well it is just about impossible to drive and have your cocked sucked as hard as this so I stopped the car where safe just off the road at a quiet spot, I still didn't even know her name yet she was treating me like a whore's punter.

The front seat fully reclined hitched her dress up to her waist opening her fanny wide said Fuck Me Now, what about the traffic passing fuck the traffic get that cock up me now after some awkward manouvering I managed to enter her, a mixture of lust and excitement, it lasted a few minutes and cum inside her.

She raised the seat up and wiped herself with tissue's right take me home, not a word more was said. I stopped the car she got out waved and was gone, driving home I thought how do I explain to my wife? meeting me at the door on my return took me by the hand and led me into the living room, picking up our guests knickers she opened her dressing gown to show the new underwear she'd bought that day.

I needed to get you in the mood Shirley said you would like this underwear. Who the hell is Shirley I said? she's the woman you have just fucked in the car taking her home, we spent all day setting this up for you as a suprise present.

Hope you liked it but its my turn now. At this turned and headed for the bedroom taking me with her to enjoy what was left to give her. It had all been worth while as for her friend Shirley she was going to return for her knickers and a threesome with us, who am I to complain! Hope I have the stamina.