Written by Lucky Jim

25 Sep 2008

I attended an impromptu barbeque this weekend. There was no reason for it other than the weather was nice for the first time this year. I got there at about 5 and the party was in full swing. I immediately noticed a blond woman I didn’t know. It turned out it was a friend of one of the neighbours and she was bloody gorgeous. She was wearing tight white trousers and was braless in an orange halter top.

Luckily for me, we were the only two adults at the party that weren’t a couple so we ended up talking pretty much all night. The more I spoke to her the more I liked her. By about 10.30 the party was starting to break up and people were going home. I offered to share a taxi with my new friend and off we went.

Just as I’d hoped, as we approached her place she asked me if I had time for a coffee. I was in there like a shot. We went straight to the kitchen and she put the kettle on. As she stretched up to take some cups out of the cupboard I saw just what a great little body she had. A perfect arse and a slim waist and a lovely toned back. Without thinking about it for too long I stood behind her and put my hands on her hips and kissed the back of her neck. Fortunately for me, she responded by turning round and kissing me full and hard on the lips.

The feel of her bare back and her super tight arse were driving me wild. I managed to get my hand inside her top and was playing with her braless tits and seeing her nipples through the fabric of her top was driving me wild. She opened her legs slightly to enable me to get my hand on to her warm dampness between her thighs. The more I touched her, the more I became convinced that she was commando style under her tight trousers. I could find no sign of and VPL and I was pretty sure that if she did have knickers on I’d be able to tell.

By this time I was under no illusion where this was going as she was gripping my hard dick through my jeans with one hand and pulling my shirt out with the other. Next she had her hand inside my shirt and was tugging at my belt and soon she had her hand down my jeans and inside my boxers. Suddenly she stopped kissing me and asked if I’d like to go upstairs.

Once in her bedroom she kicked off her shoes, as she undid her trousers and eased them down over her hips. I almost came on the spot when I saw that my suspicions were correct, she wasn’t wearing knickers and was beautifully smoothly shaven. “What are you waiting for” she asked as she pointed to my trousers “get ‘em off”. Within a few seconds we were on her bed and I had my hands between her legs and was enjoying the feel of her wetness. She rolled on to her back and opened her legs wider giving me the opportunity to go down on her and taste her wonderful juices. I tongued her to the edge of orgasm before she pulled my head out from between her thighs and kissed me on the lips again. As we kissed I positioned myself against the entrance of her fanny and slipped it easily inside her. She pulled me closer to her and raised her legs as I began to stroke in and out of her wonderfully tight fanny. Because I’d tongued her so close to orgasm, she came within a few seconds of me getting inside her.

From the moment of her first orgasm, she wriggled her arse and gripped and released my dick and was grinding herself against me until I too was on the edge of orgasm. Instinctively I increased the speed and the power of my strokes and banged her furiously. My balls were hitting her arse as I made sure that I got the benefit of the full length of my dick sliding in and out of her tight, baldy fanny. All too soon I could feel myself lose control of the orgasm and told her I was about to come and couldn’t stop it. She told me to fuck her harder and kept telling me to let it go. In what was the strongest, deepest orgasm I’d ever had I offloaded deep inside her. I continued to move my dick inside her as my orgasm faded and she took every last bit of my cum into her fanny. She continued to grind herself against me for a few minutes while she enjoyed every last tingle of her final orgasm of the session.

Considering I hadn’t met this woman until that afternoon at a party that was only arranged that lunchtime, I felt as though I’d won the lottery. An unexpected fuck is always great but such a good fuck with such a fit, gorgeous and enthusiastic woman is just amazing.