Written by Happy fucker

31 Jan 2017

I'd been into town and just got off the train to walk to my flat. It was a hot day and I wasn't looking forward to the 15 minute walk up the hill. Before I had left the car park a car pulled up beside me. The woman driver advised that she lived on my street, had seen me around, and asked if I'd like a lift. I accepted and got in the car.

She was in her mid-30s, had shoulder length mousy blonde hair and was wearing a white blouse and white pants. She was thin . She introduced herself as Helen and told me where on my street she lived (it was about 50 metres from my place, I have walked passed it often).

As we came into the street she drove passed my place and straight into her garage. "I thought you might a cold drink" she said. Going up the stairs to her place I noticed her nice ass and also her wedding ring. Inside she told me to sit on the couch while she got the drinks. When she returned she sat next to me and we drank and talked. She told me she had been watching me as I walked passed and said she had a thing for older men (I am in my mid 50s). She came straight out and said, "Would you like to fuck me?" Before I could answer she stood up and stated unbuttoning her blouse. Her small firm tits were out of her bra in minutes and my mouth was around them. She continued to undress and her neat hairy pussy was soon on display.

She said she wanted to put on a show for me and lay on the floor where she immediately began to play with her clit. She told me that she did that every time she had seen me pass her place. i knelt beside her and sucked and kissed her tits as she masturbated herself. She came and I stood up and helped her onto the couch. Standing in front of her I undressed. She had often,she said, thought about what my cock was like and now it was in front of her.

Her mouth went to my cock and I stood there as she sucked me. After 10 minutes i let her know I was coming and she just smiled around my cock as I came in her mouth. It was my turn to pleasure her and I kissed her body all over before concentrating on her pussy. Licking and sucking her clit I was rewarded 15 minutes later with her juices as she came and shouted at me to " Fuck me silly". I entered her pussy and thrust as she yelled at me to "Fuck my cunt hard with that big cock!' She came and than rolled over so she was on top and rode me hard. Ten minutes later I shot into her pussy.

We rested for awhile and she told me how much she enjoyed it and wanted to do it again soon. We got dressed and she saw me off as she got in her car to pick up the kids from school. she said that next time I walked passed her house and I saw she was home I should pop in for a fuck.