Written by Annon Eddie

14 Aug 2018

This isn’t swinging I guess more voyeurism I guess. I occasionally read stories on here where a husband takes great delight in watching his wife with another woman and they love it and it is exactly what they want but I’m going to tell you my story partly as a warning but also because I want to share my story and see if anyone else has the same issues. I am made to hide and watch my wife because it turns her on and as she puts it ‘makes her life complete’. As for me, well in a small way I get turned on by it but the larger part of me is gutted and feels like I’m the ‘spare wheel’ in this relationship. There is quite a bit of explaining to do and I apologise for this but it will make more sense if I tell you it all, build up and all.

My wife and I have been open about our sexuality, she knows that I would love a threesome or to watch another guy have sex with her and she would tell me that she is sometimes confused by her sexuality and that whilst she loves me and never wants to be anything else other than married to me and I know I make her cum when we make love she admitted that she sometimes wonders if she’s more BI that straight.

We are both 31 and have been married for 8 years. My wife who for this story I’ll call Hanna admitted after a few years of marriage to having a three-year affair with her female roommate in university and apparently that relationship was quite intense. It became a bit of a thing with us, she wold tell me all about it whilst we had sex and it made the sex all the more intense and was a hell of a turn on and I think I let her BI side become to big a part of our sex life which brings me onto the present and my story.

A lot of guys have this fantasy (for a while, me included) of watching his wife fucking a woman and a strap on usually enters the equation but be careful what you wish for. ‘Hanna’ became more and more friendly with one of our neighbours. I apologise to any lesbians reading this for using the term ‘Dyke’ but thats exactly what this woman is. She is about 5’11”, has extremely short hair which I believe she shaves herself, isn’t fat but is powerfully built in a muscular way and is not attractive in any way at all. If you could see her at first sight you would have difficulty in deciding if she a big guy or a big woman. I knew from day one that she would be trouble, she took a liking to Hanna immediately, in fact I was with Hanna when we first met this ‘woman’ and I saw her look my wife up and down like men do, spending a little too long checking out her chest.

I can’t exactly blame her, Hanna is very attractive, has curly red hair and has an amazing hour glass shape and is always smiling and laughing, she is the sort of woman who can take you from depressed to on top of the world just by looking and smiling at you.

Over a period of around 2 years Hanna and this woman started to spend more and more time together and I eventually had to ask Hanna if there was something going on. Hanna assured me there wasn’t and I honestly believe that when I asked, there wasn’t. But I could tell from her look and the way she said it that there was ‘something’. In the end after sex Hanna and I talked about her ‘friend’ and she admitted that there was ‘something’. I asked my wife to explain what ‘something’ meant. I had to make all the promises that I wouldn’t be mand and that I would understand and not be jealous and that had nothing to worry about and so on and so on, so I gave in if nothing else so I could hear what she had to say.

To start with Hanna admitted that when she visits for coffee that they sit very close together and sometime hold hands but I knew there was more and I pressed her on it. Hanna then goes onto admit that her ‘friend’ makes her nipples hard and sensitive just by talking to her and that Hanna has opened her blouse and let this dyke run her fingers over her nipples and that they French kissed at the same time which made her cum but assured me that it didn’t go any further.

I was gutted but turned on at the same time. After weeks of discussing it turns out that this ‘friend’ had asked my wife for sex and that she apparently has the proverbial strap on which she wants to use on Hanna. As you can imagine there was yet more intense conversation but then I asked her directly ‘do you want to have sex with her?’ she became a bit emotional but nodded, then added that she wanted me to see her but knew that her ‘friend’ wouldn’t have any of it, so we hatched a plan.

We have a large conservatory with a clear glass roof, above it is our bedroom with slatted blinds and if they are at the right angle, you can see down through the roof and if the bedroom lights are off no one can see you from the conservatory so that was our plan. Hanna wold convince her friend that she has a thing about sex outside under the sky hence the conservatory. The first time this happened was towards the end of September so it was dark fairly early and it was easy for me to hide, (in the summer it was too hot and I had to make do with listening to them from one bedroom whilst they were in our bed). The first time was devastating & erotic at the same time.

I looked down when Hanna and her friend walked in. I could hear muffled talking and laughter and expected it to be some time before anything happened but was in for a shock. Her friend said something to my wife who sat on the arm of the sofa and took off her blouse. Her friend pulled off her shirt and jeans and stood in front of Hanna naked already wearing her strap on which bounced out and hung there. Hanna put her hand on her friends chest, I heard her friend say ‘suck me’ and Hanna leant forward and sucked what I would call her friends man boobs whilst her friend reached down and started to massage Hanna’s amble breasts.

After a few minutes of this Hanna was on her knees sucking her friends rubber cock whilst having her head held. Then there was a sharp ‘get up’ and my wife obliged. I watched as Hanna was pushed onto her back and her dyke friend knelt between her legs and proceeded to eat my wife’s pussy. Hanna immediately started to squirm and thrust her hips. I could hear muffled moans and squeals. It was hard for me not to believe that this wasn’t a man pleasuring my wife. She has arms much more muscular than mine, tattoos on her back, neck, arms and chest with a big fat ass.

Then she worked her way up wife’s tummy and started to suck Hanna’s big red and I know from experience, sensitive nipples. It appeared that this woman was trying to her as much of Hanna’s ample breast into her mouth as she could, and Hanna was loving it.

Then she guided her thick long rubber cock into my wife and they fucked. I will admit to having my own dick in my hand by now but was confused by having a hard on whilst my heart was pounding with jealousy.

I looked down and watched this Dyke’s arse move as she fucked my wife, holding her by her neck with one hand and holding her wrists together with the other. I watched my wife’s face contorted with pleasure and her breast saw and she was shagged hard. But it was what she was saying that made me go soft. Her friend was shouting at her demanding answers to ridiculous questions. ‘ do you like me fucking you’ do you like my cock’ to which Hanna would cry ‘yes’ over and over.

Then it became more aggressive, Hanna was being fucked hard, her body being held down by powerful arms and the talk and questions more demanding. ‘beg me to fuck you, you fucking slag’ to which Hanna would comply and beg for more. Hanna was picked up and thrown onto her stomach, her friend lifted her ass up and entered her doggy style and the screaming and dirty talk go worst. I watched Hanna and her friend turn dark red and their bodies become soaked with perspiration and listened to my wife being told how good if was to fuck her and how this had been a long time coming.

Then Hanna told her she couldn’t cope so the ‘cock’ was pulled out and taken off and I thought that was that but it wasn’t. ‘ Have you had enough of my cock my love, lets have some pussy. The strap on was discarded and Hanna was rolled onto her back. Her Dyke friend opened my wife’s’ legs, her friend lay in between them and they started to grind pussies.

Hanna started to cry about how she was cumming, her friend asked her if she loved her, ‘ tell me you love me’ Hanna cried out ‘ I love you so much, I’m cumming’ and then the two of them fucked hard for a few moments until they both came. A few thrusts later and her butch friend collapsed on top of my wife who’s burnt ginger hair was matted to her head. They were no longer shouting now and I couldn’t quite make out what was being said but I could see tongues being exchanged and nipples being sucked and fingers re entering pussies until they orgasmed again.

I have had to watch this dozens and dozens of times, Hanna apologising for confirming undying love for her friend each and every time and promising her friend that her cock is bigger than mine and that she makes her cum harder than I do. Our sex life is still good and we still fuck 3 or 4 times a week but now I tend to not watch and I go out. Hanna and her friend have slowed it down a little as well at Hanna insistence. At one point, between my wife’s often violent lesbian sex sessions and her sex with me which I started to feel was just her way of compensating me Hanna was being fucked 10 or 11 times a week which even for Hanna was becoming too much.

Hanna is now having my baby and is 7 months pregnant, I have asked her to stop seeing her friend but the most I can get is a promise that she is much gentler now and has a smaller strap on. They no longer fuck in our house, but Hanna visits her about 3 times a week. At least I can guarantee that’s it my baby she’s carrying and to be honest, the one time I watched my wife ‘making love’ to her friend was a turn on but I am starting to wish I could have her back all to myself. The thought of babysitting whilst my wife is pounded by a butch dyke is not a pleasant one.