Written by MikeTQ_2009

20 Mar 2011

To those of you who followed my posts on how my wife, Pauline, got fucked by an older guy on a nudist beach who some months later, set her up as a porn star:

On Friday, she got a phone call from him (his name is Kenneth) and he asked her if she would be prepared to fuck a business associate of his on video, not for publication this time, but for the guy's private collection of porn. He e-mailed her a photo of her prospective client. He was a distinguished looking man in his late 50s, very fit looking with silver hair. We discussed it and she said he looked quite attractive so we agreed that she should go for it and yesterday she went to keep the appointment. She had a copy of the DVD made which I have just watched.

To cut to the chase, the video started with the old guy laying on a bed on his back. His cock was only average size, about 6 inches, but it was very thick and the veins on it were standing out like cords. His eyes widened at the sight of my naked wife and her neatly trimmed golden pubic bush.

"Wow, you are gorgeous!" he said.

Pauline smiled and approached the bed, knelt astride him and grasped his cock, peeling back his foreskin to expose the swollen knob-end. She guided him betweeen the lips of her pussy and sank down on him, taking his cock full-length inside her. She began to move her hips in a circular motion while he gasped with pleasure. His hands were everywhere; he ran them through her long blonde hair, massaged her tits and stroked her waist. Her movements slowed to almost nothing but I am used to her technique and I knew she was squeezing his cock with the muscles of her tight little cunt while she reached behind with her hand and began playing with his balls. His breathing got heavier and he began to thrust up into her. She rode him faster and faster her hands caressing the silver hair on his chest and he gripped her hips as he drove his cock forcefully into her cunt. Pauline threw her head back, her firm tits bouncing with the force of his thrusts and squealed loudly as she climaxed and within seconds he too came his load, gasping and grunting as he shot his semen deep into my wife's cunt.

She fell forward onto his chest and they lay there for a few minutes, her hips still moving while he groaned and the last drops of his 'cum' oozed out into her cunt.

"How did it go?" I asked when she got home.

"It was good!" she grinned, "I think he thought Christmas had come early, he certainly paid me very well! I'm glad I fucked Ken on the beach that day, he's put me on to a good thing. Do you realise, I'm making serious money for doing something I enjoy ... anyway, I'm off to have a bath - I'm still full of 'cum' !!"