Written by ABO

3 Dec 2012

Our meeting are rare so we waste little time when we meet at the hotel. I led her towards the sofa and sat her down and, at the same time, pushed her skirt up to expose her black panties. Before she could object, my hand slid between her inner thighs to touch her pussy through the thin material and although she kept her legs together, it was to keep my hand in place rather than to resist my touch. I gently stroked my middle finger against her panties, slowly increasing the pressure against the material as I felt it getting damp as her excitement increased. She leant back against the sofa and let out a quiet ‘mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’ as I continued working on her fanny lips through her panties. Involuntarily, she opened her legs slightly and I used 2 fingers to rub the full length of her lips through the, now wet, panties. I continued to firmly rub her and she couldn’t help moving her hands to her breasts and start to knead them through her blouse. This encouraged me to use my fingers of my left hand to pull her panties to one side and push my fingers against her soaking fanny, circle them gently between and around her lips, covering them with her sex juices. Her sharp intake of breath told me that I had found her clit and I started to rub her stiff button with my middle finger. As I slowly played with her clit, I eased her legs further apart and then suddenly sunk my middle finger deep into her – causing her to let out a sharp moan – then I took it out and took time to rub her ample juices all around her clit. I could feel her starting to shake as her orgasm mounted so he held her panties to the side as I rubbed her clit with my left thumb and then rammed two fingers into her juicy hole and rhythmically finger fucked her - pushing deep inside, then withdrawing my finger to stroke her sensitive lips before ramming them back inside and stroking the inside of her juicy, wet cunt. As her orgasm came, her body shook with the pleasurable pain of her orgasm and I felt her juices streaming over his fingers as she squeezed her fanny around my fingers.

There’s much more to follow....