Written by Lipspreader8

26 Feb 2011

Used for pleasure.

I went to a cross dressers house, we had been speaking for sometime and I had decided after hearing how he would like to play with my nice cock as he said.

So I dually shaved, showered and generally pampered myself, my cock, ball’s and douched my arse all nice and smooth. Dressed and set off for his house. I took my video camera so I could look at how I was used later. I arrived at the house and he let me in we went to the bedroom where we set up the camera then he blindfolded me and then stripped me naked and bent me over a chair resting my arms on the back of the chair, then he tied my ankles to each leg of the chair then my wrists to the top of the back of it.

The room was dark because of the blindfold just total darkness. Then I felt a hand on my ankle which ran up my leg slowly and then back down again, his hand stopped and played with my ankle as I thought then the other ankle my legs spread wide then he told me not to worry.

Then he was feeling me all over and he was rubbing the length of his cock in the crease of my arse. He done this for a little while then he moved away, I wondered where he was then he presented his cock to my mouth and pushed it against my lips till they gave way to his force.

Then the length started slipping on my mouth and down my throat till I gagged. I then remembered that I had read somewhere to breathe through the nose. Which I duly did and as did it slipped in another inch, I now had about 5” of his cock in there. Then he just rested and he put his hands on my head, then running his hands over my number one hair cut, he gripped each side of my head and started gently fucking my mouth.

He said he would make me happy and tantalised me, He continued to feel me all over running his finger up my legs, feeling my balls and the crease between my arse then up my cock and licking, slipping it between his lips and started giving me a fantastic gobble.

He said was I enjoying myself as I said yes I felt his cock push against my arse then I felt the cold familiar feeling of lube being worked into and around my tight little arse hole with a finger then two then three in and out round and round. Then there was his cock being offered to my entrance, then easing itself in then through the first bit of resistance then about 6” in and started back and forth fuck it hurt but felt good, he said you’re so fucking tight what a gorgeous tight little arse, holding my hips and fucking me good.

Then he untied me told me to lay on my front on the bed with my legs apart. I done as I was told and he laid on top of me and pushed his cock back up my arse and continued to fuck me, then he said would I fuck him?

I said I would and told him to kneel on the bed still with his holdups and dress on I put my cock to his/her nice little arse got hold of her hips and pushed my cock right in balls deep and started to fuck till I unloaded. True story and I have the video to remember the moment.