Written by Yvonne

30 Nov 2011

One Saturday Paul and I went out for a few drinks, he had insisted

I wear stockings, black panties, ankle boots, a black skirt

just below the knee a bit tight on the hips a halter bra and

a white blouse cuffs undone When we got home, a little tipsy the lights wouldn’t come

on, Paul told me to relax and said you are going to enjoy this

and placed a blindfold over my eyes he then gently held my

arms behind my back and started to nuzzle my neck, suddenly

my blouse was ripped open I could hear the material rip and

buttons fly off then the sleeves were ripped and the entire

blouse was ripped from my body. No I cried as I suddenly realised

Paul still had my arms, so there was someone else here So it was happening, some time ago Paul had said he would

like my clothes ripped off me and to see me used and it looked

like tonight was it. My bra was undone and removed, and my breasts spilled out,

my nipples hardened immediately as hands roamed my body

to caress them, at least two people then, I knew my panties

were getting damp and I fancied by the time this was over

they would be wringing, Another tearing sound and my skirt was ripped up both seams

and torn from my body, so there I was held in front of strange

men in boots stockings and black panties my last bastion

of defence, again hands caressed my body someone slipped

their hand between my legs, and I let out a moan, and then

heard a gruff voice murmur “this bitch is sopping wet” I

felt a pair of hands reach around and grasp the material

of my panties around my buttocks rrriiipppp I was naked,

and I have never felt so vulnerable and excited at the same

time. Paul let go of my hands and I was guided forward a few paces

and pushed to the floor, my legs were held wide apart as someone

licked at my pussy, someone else was sucking at my breasts

as I felt something brush my mouth, I reached up and discovered

a hard cock which I slipped into my mouth, my hand was guided

to another hard cock which I started to wank the guy licking

my pussy had his tongue inside me and I was fast approaching

an orgasm, the cock in my mouth stiffened and my mouth was

suddenly filled with hot cum, I was trying to spit it out

when the cock I was wanking erupted over my face and neck.

I could feel a cock at the entrance to my pussy, and he slipped

inside me and another cock was fed into my mouth And it wasn’t long before he took it out and came over my breasts,

meanwhile the cock in my pussy came at the same time as I did

filling me with cum, this went on and on, until finally nothing

for a while and then a jet of cum landed on my thigh and tummy,

and then it went quite, I thought I could hear murmuring,

and then my blindfold was removed and I sat up there was cum

in my hair, it had run out the corner of my mouth over my face,

my neck, my breasts, and my tummy, and I was sitting in a pool

of cum, I looked at Paul and said “how many”, there were 5

of us and we had you twice, you had three in your mouth and

six in your pussy and the last one cam over your tummy Did

you enjoy it asked Paul, loved it I said and you? Fantastic

he replied.