Written by Jon_Lane

3 Jun 2011

I have been having a sexual relationship with Usha a thirty six year old Indian woman for the past six months and I have to say it the sex has been tremendous. She has quite a tiny frame with nice breasts and wonderful dark nipples that stand to attention with the slightest of touches. She has a slight tummy which I love and she shaves her pussy, her bum is to die for. We have often lay in bed fantasizing about different scenarios and the one she kept referring back to was the possibility of a threesome with another man and I noticed that this possibility seemed to make her very excited. Eventually I asked her if there was a serious possibility of this happening would she take it up and, without hesitation, she said yes. I said that I would see what I could do and she laughed, obviously thinking that I wouldn’t really do anything about it.

I am bi and also a naturist and I often meet up with an older guy (he is in his mid sixties but looks younger and I’m 58), Ben, for some naked fun together. He has a very secluded garden where we can walk around nude and just enjoy ourselves. Usha doesn’t know I am bi though but I knew that Ben might be up for a threesome. I called him and he confirmed that he would be very much up for it and we sorted out a date.

When I told Usha that I had sorted something out she was a bit taken aback as she never thought I would do anything. Anyway after the initial shock I checked whether she would like to go through with it and she said she would very much like to but was a little nervous. I told her a little about Ben, that he was a naturist and liked to be nude most of the time so not to be shocked if he was nude when we went round to his house. I didn’t mention that we were both bi just in case she would be uncomfortable with it.

The day finally arrived and I went to pick Usha up from her house, she was very nervous but I kept reassuring her on the way. When we got to Ben’s house we made our way round the back as it was a beautiful sunny day and I knew he would be in the garden. I opened the side gate and walked round with Usha following me. Sure enough Ben was lying on a sun lounger stark naked. He got up when he saw us and walked over and I introduced him to Usha whose face was a picture. Ben shook hands with Usha and her eyes were obviously drawn to his long, uncut cock hanging between his legs. Ben’s cock was much longer than mine although mine was slightly thicker particularly when erect.

‘Well, shall we go in and have a cup of tea or something stronger if you want?’ Ben said beginning to walk towards the conservatory attached to the back of the house.

‘A cup of tea will be fine’ said Usha still obviously in shock but pretending this was a situation as normal as dropping in for afternoon tea.

We all walked into the kitchen and Ben put the kettle on and got the cups ready, Usha just staring at his swinging cock as he moved around the room. She looked at me as if to say what do we do now? I just smiled and mouthed that she should just go with the flow/

With tea ready we moved into the sun filled conservatory and sat down in the comfortable chairs and drank and chatted. Ben asked Usha if she minded him being naked and explained that he tried to spend as much time as possible without clothes. He then said ‘it’s a wonder Tom’s still got his clothes on, he usually can’t wait to get them off when he comes round”. Usha looked at me quizzically and I explained that I liked to get the sun on my body sometimes and that it was lovely to be nude in Ben’s garden. Ben then turned to me and said, ‘Maybe if you get your kit off, Usha will feel more comfortable taking hers off’.

I went into the bedroom and left Usha and Ben together. I stripped off and began to feel excited about the afternoon’s prospects. My cock began to rise as I walked back into the conservatory. Ben was sitting there and was chatting to Usha who was sat opposite him, the difference now was that Ben had an enormous hard on. I went and sat next to Usha who quickly spotted my excitement and began to smile. ‘You didn’t start without me then’ I joked.

I leant over and kissed Usha full on the mouth and sbe reached out and began stroking my cock. I looked over and Ben was slowly wanking as he watched us. Usha watched him as she slowly wanked me mirroring Ben’s own movements. After a while Ben stood up and walked over to us, his cock was at face level and he stood by Usha, Almost automatically she grabbed it with her other hand and began slowly wanking us both and both Ben and I felt her breasts over her still clothed body. Suddenly Usha stood up and said, “I’m overdressed here: and went inside to rectify this.

Ben was sat down next to me as we waited for Usha to return and he grabbed my cock and began to move the foreskin up and down. I quickly told him that Usha didn’t know we were bi but it was too late Usha appeared in the doorway wrapped in a towel with her mouth wide open as she surveyed the scene before her. “What’s going on?’ she said as Ben continued to hold my cock. Ben answered, “I just got a bit carried away Usha and wanted to know what it felt like, sorry if it offends you”.

“Well, no it doesn’t offend me just a bit taken aback that’s all” Usha replied still watching Ben’s hand on my cock.

“Do you mind if I carry on then” said Ben

“No, I find it interesting” Ushs laughed. “as long as there’s enough for me” she continued.

Ben began to wank my cock, now I was so excited with Usha watching and seemingly ok with our playing. I got bolder and reached for Ben’s dick and began to do the same. Usha’s eyebrows raised but she dropped her towel to reveal her nakedness and she came over to us and stood next to me. With my free hand I felt between her legs, she was wetter than I had ever felt her, it was running down her thighs and her clit was swollen. The situation was really turning her on. Her dark brown nipples stood proud and erect. She knelt down between us and took hold of Ben and my balls while we continued to play with each other’s cocks and then she took me in her mouth and began wanking Ben’s cock at the same time. I almost came straight away but managed to signal for her to stop for a while. She took my cock out of her mouth and moved onto Ben’s and she looked at me straight in the eye as she slowly and deliberately sucked on his swollen tool.

I moved off the chair and knelt down and began to lick Usha’s slippery cunt, now almost gushing with excitement. She quivered as I licked her clit and Ben, clearly reaching the point of no return, asked Usha to ease off sucking his prick. We all needed to calm down if we were to be able to continue. Ben suggested we go back in the garden as it was a gloriously sunny afternoon.

We walked out into the garden and Usha lay down on the blanket placed on the lawn. She lay with her legs wide open so Ben and I could get a good view of her pussy. We both sat down on the blanket both eager to get closer to this inviting place. She began to finger herself and Ben got hold of my twitching cock. ;Why don’t you bring your cocks up here where I can see them” Usha said, and then continued, “Why don’t you suck Ben’s cock over my face”. We move up and Ben straddled her chest and I bent down and put his long cock in my mouth so Usha could get a close up view of it going in and out of my mouth. Again the excitement began to get to much to contain for Ben and he stopped my movement on him and moved his cock away. Usha took mine into her mouth and licked and sucked and then asked me if I minded if Ben fucked her. She wanted his long swollen cock right up inside her. I laughed saying that I didn’t mind at all, in fact it would turn me on even more if that were possible.

“I want it from behind” she said as she got up and then went on all fours. Ben went on his knees behind her, his cock bouncing as he moved. Then Usha asked me if I would guide Ben’s cock into her. I obliged dutifully and grabbed Ben’s cock and felt all along its shaft until guiding its head into Usha’s gaping hole. His cock head pushed in and opened up her cunt even further. He pushed until he could push no further but his cock still wasn’t all in. At each stroke Usha;s cunt lips swelled and gripped Ben’s cock, her wetness glinting on his cock in the sunlight. I went and knelt behind Ben, my cock straining and swollen to capacity. I pushed my cock between his ass cheeks, we’d done this before but had never penetrated and I wasn’t going to do so now.

Suddenly Usha’s breathing became more pronounced and it was obvious that she was about to cum and boy did she cum writhing and screaming yes, yes yes. Ben was obviously about to cum too and he pulled out quickly but it was too late he had already shot his load inside her.

‘Now I want you to fuck me’ she said looking me straight in the eye., ‘but I want to be on top. With that she almost pushed me to the ground and then straddled me. She moved her hips slowly at first until she began building to another orgasm. Her cunt was so wet, full of Ben;s cum that if she hadn’t been on top I would have probably slipped out. She came again, panting and writing. Then she got off me and began to suck my engorged prick again and invited Ben to help her. My cock was covered in a mixture of her wetness and Ben’s spunk but both licked and sucked at it until it was clean. I felt the spunk rising in my shaft and shot it all over the two of them, it was a huge load as I had had such sustained excitement. They licked my spunk off each other and we all collapsed in a heap on the lawn.

We fell asleep in the sun and didn’t wake until an hour or so later and then the fun started again but I’ll save that for another time…