Written by ohsptrue

15 Feb 2016

The story of the time when one of the SH members had persuaded his wife to have sex with another man and how watching her had turned him on, reminded me of a time with my wife.

In her late fifties she was still very attractive with a good figure, and at the time our sexual activity was not very high. We were on holiday in a villa in Portugal and she liked sunbathing nude. I had arranged her sun bed in a position I could see her, and thought at the time she wouldn’t be able to see me watching. I did it out of curiosity, little realising she had sussed my plan. Anyway as she lay on her back in the sun reading she kept moving her legs giving me a good view of her fanny. It must have turned her on because after a while I could see juice oozing from her, she had excited herself and me too. It led to a very vigorous session in the pool and our sex life perked up from that event.


Some time later we were talking and I was recounting a conversation I had had with a friend and told him about the pool incident. My friend was more than interested had always envied me and how sexy he thought my wife was. He told me he had always fancied her and how much he would have liked to have fucked her. I was not offended by the way he was talking just thought it was the drink talking, but I was intrigued. Anyway she was interested in the conversation and the fact she had been the topic. Casually I asked her if she would like to meet him some time, and maybe have some fun. She made all sorts of excuses, but I could tell she was interested and didn’t say no. I let the subject drop and did not mention it again for a few days .In between times I telephoned my friend and casually asked him if he still felt the same way about her. He emphatically said yes. I told him about the conversation, and the fact she had not said no, so suggested that he phone her

Later that week he phoned her, he said he had phoned to talk to me and as I wasn’t home chatted with her, finally suggesting as he had some business near to where we lived maybe he could take us out for dinner one evening. When I got home she told me, but I already knew as we had spoken and discussed it.

I was a bit surprised when she told me she had accepted and the dinner date was for the following week. I asked what her intentions were. I told her “no pressure” and if she did not fancy him then nothing would happen..

The dinner arrangement happened and we went to a local restaurant. she had chosen what she would wear, knee length skirt matching top with black bra and briefs and hold up stockings and long boots. During the meal we talked about many subjects but nothing sexual. While we were talking, she assessed my friend, he hadn’t changed much from when she had first met him many years before, but knowing that he wanted her made her see him in a different light. she could also ponder on what was going to happen later, how would he make a move, how would she respond.

When we drove back to the house to collect his car, he sat in the back with her. I had discreetly told him that if she let,him kiss her full on the lips, she would be agreeable to everything else.. I took a different journey back, along twisting narrow roads and as a consequence when going round one bend they were thrown together in the back. This led to him to begin to kiss her, gentle lips and then his tongue opened her mouth and began to tickle her, she responded. He put his hand on her knee and began to go up past the bare tops of her thighs and under the edge of her briefs. I tried looking in the mirror, but couldn’t really see anything, I knew they were kissing and she told me later that he played and stroked her clit and slipped a finger inside. She said she got very wet and accepted his finger. We arrived at the entrance gate to the house, She got out to open the gate and in front of the car with the headlights on flicked up her skirt at the back revealing her bum and the briefs riding up into the crease this was my signal that she was going ahead .

I told my friend to go andenjoy himself while I put the car away and took the dogs out for a short walk.

When I entered the house they had disappeared upstairs. I stayed downstairs not wanting to interrupt or stop anything that was likely to happen, I could hear them talking and laughing my friend went to the bathroom. I heard him go back to the bedroom, I started to creep up the stairs, by now I was hard and my heart pounding with the expectation of what was going to happen. The house is an old one and as a consequence the stairs creaked and stopped me in my tracks, so all I could do was wait and listen, I sat down on the stairs, wanting to go up but at the same time holding back as I didn’t want to interrupt anything and put her off.

As I said my heart was pounding, when I heard him say “fantastic” I tried to imagine what it was that made him say that, I thought maybe she was now naked. I heard mumbled voices, and then the bed creaked. Slurping noises, maybe kissing or sucking, my mind in a whirl cock really hard and throbbing, then a sort of clicking noise regular and she was moaning, and I realised he was fingering her wet fanny, that was the source of the noise. “Very wet” I heard him say, and the bed creaked again, more sucking sounds and she was breathing heavily, she is going to come, not already I thought and soon followed a loud moan I recognised as her coming moan, but this went on for some time, ending with her gasping. “Fantastic” .he said. The bed creaked again and she let out a little squeal, and another and then the bed began to pound, now he was fucking her that was for sure. I wanted to go and join them but was transfixed.

After a while of continuous pounding I heard her start to breathe heavily again, and then the groan “Oh yes” he said. She must have come again.. There was silence for a while then the bed started creaking again, slowly and rhythmically more moaning and groaning from her, and then she ordered him out loud “FUCK me” “FUCK” “FUCK” “Fuuuuck” he was groaning out loud at the same time almost growling, as his climax reached a crescendo. Then there was silence, after a while more mumbled voices and I heard him get off the bed. I went downstairs and a little while later he came down dressed and ready to leave. She followed him wearing a dressing gown, she looked radiant. She said I thought you may have joined us?

My friend had to leave as it was getting late and I saw him to his car. I asked him if he had enjoyed himself and he confirmed it was amazing and would like to do it again.

When I went back in the house, she was keen to know if he had had a good time, and when I told her he would like to do it again, she just smiled. She asked me how I felt, was I disappointed I hadn’t been able to watch I told her listening and using my imagination had been fantastic.

Although I had been tempted to relieve the hardness, I had resisted and now it was my turn. I asked her what had happened, wanting the full details. I opened her dressing gown and saw she had put her panties back on, I took her upstairs, we both laid on the bed and I took them off, the gusset was very wet from a mix of his and her juices. I eased her legs open, it was then I realised she had trimmed her pubic hair, so that her lips and clit were exposed, her hole was red and glistening from the juices and his white come was oozing out.

“When did you make up your mind you were going to let him?” I asked

“When he asked us out to dinner, I knew I would go ahead, provided he wanted to”,

I slipped my fingers inside her feeling the sticky wetness then kissed her and tasted and smelled the aromas from her and him mixed with his aftershave and her body lotion, it was intoxicating, tasting the sweet mix of juices. “Is this what you wanted?” she asked

I couldn’t wait any longer, I asked her to tell me everything that had happened.

She told me what had happened in the car and .when they got in the house she took him upstairs, He asked her if I was going to join them, and she told him not this time.

They went into the bedroom and she took off her top and skirt and boots, he voiced his approval at what he saw when he came into the bedroom She sat on the bed wondering what the next move would be, then he stripped off all his clothes including his socks, the last garment to come off was his white boxer shorts, and there it was a very good specimen of manhood, standing hard and erect. He rubbed it a couple of times and got onto the bed, and kissed her immediately began to undo her bra told her he liked the look of her tits, kissed them and sucked her nipples. As they lay on the bed, kissing and sucking he played with her pussy, it was very wet, he put fingers in and pulled them out and wiped the sticky juice on her nipples which he sucked on noisily, he did it again and this time sucked his fingers and immediately kissed her so she could taste herself. The third time he put the fingers into her mouth and she eagerly sucked them. “I have to taste that some more” he said and worked his way down her body kissing and licking. She opened her legs and eased her hips off the bed so he could take the briefs off. The tongue that had recently been working its magic on her tongue was now doing the same on her clit and very juicy pussy, sucking, nibbling, probing, making her drool juice onto the bed and his face. He slipped fingers into her and began to work them in and out, at the same time while continuing to suck her clit, she automatically began to move her hips back and forth to his motion, and that lovely sensation began to build up in her groin. She moved her hips faster thrusting against his fingers and came. “Fantastic” he said. She wasn’t aware of the noise she had made.

He got up and she could see the large erect penis was wet at the tip, he was kneeling between her legs, she lifted and opened her legs wide and he entered her. She said she didn’t know what it was, another man, or me waiting down stairs, but the feeling of him inside, slipping in and out, but she was on a high. She was enjoying it; becoming very wet and very slippery, his rhythm was good, gentle at first so that she could feel the full length of him going in and out, slowly building up in speed. She could feel herself coming again “so soon” and began moving her hips in unison with him. The sensation arrived and she had what she can only describe as convulsions in her belly,groin and pelvic area as the sensation of the orgasm took over. She cried out loud and groaned, as she convulsed and pumped she gushed liquid all over his groin and balls. “Oh yes” that was all he said. They lay together while she recovered, she didn’t think he had come yet, so she stroked and rubbed his cock, it was still hard, she kissed him and asked him to fuck her again, told him she wanted to feel him come inside her. He gently entered her again and began the same rhythmic motion, because she was so wet he slipped out, but got straight back in and began to pump vigorously, faster, deeper and then he finally came.

Talking later I was keen to know if she had been happy about it and hoped she has enjoyed my friend’s performance. She had and when I suggested maybe we could do it again soon she didn’t say no. I had wanted to watch her taking another man’s cock, but this time I had listened, used my imagination and then smelled and tasted. Next time I will watch.