Written by Lucky Devil

14 Feb 2012

This is a re-post of a Valentines night from a few years ago, which seemed popular at the time so here it is again.

Last valentines weekend my girl friend Emma (28) and I (30) decided to go away for the weekend. We booked a room in a quiet little hotel in the Scottish countryside and set off on the Friday. Later on Friday night after dinner, we were in our room and I was sitting in bed leaning against the wall, when my head was pushed forward slightly by the wall. It was then that I realised just how paper thin the wall was between our room and the one next door.

On Saturday night after a romantic day and dinner we returned to our room, I had been horny all night looking Emma in her nice tight dress. As soon as we were in the room we started kissing and were soon naked. As we lay in bed together it became obvious that there was a knocking on the wall from the room next door. There was a couple having sex in the room next to ours!

Over the next few minutes the knocking got louder and Emma asked me to enter her. I didn't waste any time and was soon deep in her, giving her the fucking I had been waiting all day to deliver. At this point I noticed the knocking had stopped, only to be replaced by loud deep moaning, which I took to be the guy. As I fucked Emma slowly, I imaged what was going on next door. From the noise it sounded like he was getting sucked off. As my thoughts about next door got more graphic, Emma was starting to moan. Quietly at first then louder (she is normally very quiet) I enjoyed the fact she was making some noise. As my movements got harder our bed creaked and knocked against the wall with an erotic rhythmic thump, soon joined by the same noise from next door. Both beds hitting the thin wall with a simultaneous bang. I must have been doing something right as Emma`s moans got louder. She whispered "fuck, this feels good!". I needed no more encouragement and continued to pounded her, making her start to come. Next door the young woman was also coming, her and Emma`s moans drowning out the two beds hitting the wall. I was loving it. The thought of these complete strangers fucking, hearing us fucking and the fact they were only inches away!

Emma was now coming really loudly, encouraged (I found out later) by the noise of the girl next door. Within seconds I found myself fucking my now screaming organising girl friend, in time with the bangs and screams from next door. It was now that both girls started coming fully and both came screaming and swearing within seconds of each other. At this I filled Emma! My dick instantly sore with the hard riding we had just had. Christ what a fuck!

As we lay in each others arms I could hear the couple next door discussing ours and their fucking. From what I had gathered, that had been the girls best ever, I had to agree it was certainly one to remember.

Next morning I was able to spot the other couple over breakfast and exchanged a look and smile with the girl.

I have always enjoyed listening to other people fucking, but this was the fist time anything like this had happened. I wonder are there other couples who like to be heard and hear fucking as much as me and Emma do?