31 May 2019

If you haven't read the Part 1 (15th May) then you should.

Valerie, my girlfriend and I had an encounter in a rural pub with four old men, when she seemed to enjoy being felt up a little. In the pub toilets, a phone number offered "correction and discipline" for young ladies, and I suspected this was Gerald - one of the old gits.

I made an appointment without telling Valerie where we were going, and so here we were in Gerald's house, with Valerie bent over for some discipline.

I looked through the kitchen hatch, the other three old gits beside me. Valerie had her back to us standing and bent forward over a chair. Gerald was saying something about her being very naughty chatting up older men and, as I had requested, she has to have some correction for her behaviour.

There wasn't any sign Valerie was not going along with this, as Gerald lightly slapped her bum.

“First six of the best.” he said, every light slap moving her dress. As her back was to us, feet together, her bum was outlined in the well fitted blue polka dot dress with small white dots on it.

“But then Gerald said “Please put this on.” It was one of those elasticated blindfolds you get on airplanes.

“You should raise your skirt please, or should I do it for you?” He seemed very much in control.

Slowly Valerie put the blindfold on, then pulled her dress up to the top of her bum revealing her see-through black knickers and stockings. Gerald let out a big breath looking at her backside, then put her hands back on the chair, rearranging her lifted dress into the small of her back .

“Christ!” whispered Stan, as he looked - fixated at Valerie’s knickered arse, “She looks beautiful.” The other two were pushing for space to see through the gap in the hatch, one of them scratching at his balls.

Gerald bent down to move one of Valerie’s feet over a foot apart, and then ran his fingers down each buttock. Valerie would love this I thought. Her see-through knickers revealed the crack in her arse, and was very sexy, no surprise my heart was racing and I had a raging hard on again.

A few more light slaps to Valerie’s arse were given, and Gerald ran his fingers up and down her cheeks then grasped each buttock and moving them apart and together again, followed by a few more slaps.

“Please stand up.” Valerie stood up. “So, are you OK?” he said.

Valerie said, “I’m OK.” in a shaky voice, but she was obviously shocked. “I think we need to go on to stage 2.” Gerald said.

Valerie said nothing, and Gerald asked Valerie to take his hand and he led her towards us facing the hatch. She couldn't see anything due to the blindfold, Gerald told her to take off her dress, and Valerie started to unbutton it down the front.

Valerie’s breasts in her bra came into view, 4 feet in front of our eyes, then the dress was removed and she stood there not being aware there were 8 eyes looking straight through her see-through underwear at her breasts, erect nipples and hairy pussy.

It was a spectacular sight and no accident these three old gits were in the kitchen. The three guys and me were holding back their breathing speechless, it was a long time since they had seen a such a sight I would guess. Gerald led Valerie over to the chair again, putting her hands on its backrest and asking her to bend over for more ‘treatment’.

Valerie’s 36DD breasts hung down in her bra as she bent over, and I was sure I could see her knickers were darker at the bottom – she was wet. A few more spanks were given followed by Gerald's fondling hand on her buttocks, Valerie’s feet were again about a foot or more apart and as I watched Gerald unceremoniously hooked his fingers each side of Valerie’s knickers waistband pulling them down to just above her knees. Her pert arse and exposed fanny were now in full view to us in the kitchen.

Valerie, apart from tensing when her knickers were removed, remained bent over and still. I could see her prominent labia between her pussy hair. Fuck knows how I didn't come there on the spot, or any of us for that matter.

Gerald was back to work now, with a few more slaps and then, whilst running his fingers up and down her buttocks as he did before, but this time he lightly touched her pubic hair, rubbing up and down her slit several times then pulling his fingers apart to expose her pink slit and tight hole.

Valerie flinched as Gerald rubbed a little then spanked her bum again twice before putting the flat of his hand against her pussy and putting his two middle fingers on to her labia. I could see him massaging her labia apart, and gently inserting one finger then two into Valerie as she tensed.

“Pervert.” she said. “That’s very rude young lady.” Gerald said.

Not that she had done anything other than being compliant to his requests. Valerie’s knickers were now at her feet, and she was just dressed in brown ankle boots, stockings suspenders and bra.

Gerald led her over to the hatch, Valerie stumbled because her knickers were still around her ankles. “Here, let me help you with those.” And Gerald bent down and helped her step out of her knickers. Standing once more, he led Valerie toward us at the hatch. Gerald put his hands on her arms to steady her, and she was now standing facing us, her nipples proud and erect, her pussy wet and glistening, I could smell its sweetness from where I was peering through the hatch doors.

Stan and one of the others were making no secret of stroking their cocks through their trousers. Valerie was clearly aroused, and though still tense appeared to be very turned on by the session.

Gerald asked Valerie to release her bra, which she did, slowly pulling down the shoulder straps to let us see her beautiful 36DD breasts, she let her bra drop to the floor. Valerie was now fully nude except for her suspender belt, stockings and boots about four feet in front of us. We could see every hair and pore on her body.

Gerald put his hands from behind her to cup both breasts and squeeze them gently. “Now young lady, come over here again.” He led Valerie by the hand to the chair again.

“Are you enjoying this session? I hope it has taught you not to flirt with older men.”

She nodded, but did not speak.

“How much are you learning from it?” he asked. “Lots.” she blurted breathlessly, and he bent her over the chair again.

More spanking I thought was to come. Valerie was now bent over in her brown ankle boots stockings and suspenders, her labia hanging down prominently and glistening wet, her feet apart, her 36DD breasts also hanging down.

She still had the blindfold on. Gerald then put his hands down to cup her breasts with erect nipples and fondle them. Whilst cupping her left breast, he used his right hand to stroke her buttock - moving his fingers into her pussy and inserting two fingers. He finger fucked her slowly for a minute then quickly stopped, but leaving his two fingers inside her.

“Don’t stop.” Valerie said, as she was so turned on.

“You want me to carry on?” Gerald asked.

“Go on, don’t stop.” Valerie said again and shuffled her feet apart a little more. Gerald started his finger fucking - this time roughly and a lot faster while squeezing her left breast. He stopped again.

“I said don’t stop!” Valerie murmoured through her teeth.

Gerald started his fast and rough two finger movement into her fanny again, but reached down with his left hand, unzipped his flies and pulled out his erect penis. He pushed his pants down so he could free his cock and balls – I was surprised, he was a good deal bigger than me – 8 inches and a good thickness. His erect cock was now pointing forwards, and moving round to the back of Valerie, removed his fingers from her cunt and eased his cock slowly into her very wet pussy. “Oh Yes, Yes.” Valerie couldn’t stop herself.

Valerie is very tight but his cock slid all the way up her, she must have been soaking wet. I thought he would split her in two. He hung there for a full 20 seconds up to the hilt, without moving, just gasping for breath. Valerie was panting too, rocking back and forth on his member.

Gerald had his hands on her hips now, and started frantically shagging my girl from behind. He looked over his shoulder smiling like a cheshire cat waving his hand to usher in the blokes, not that they needed any invitation. Stan was already was out of the door and into the room. Valerie now heard there was more movement in the room but was breathing so hard she didn't seem to care.

She tensed again when the blokes clustered round, cupping her breasts letting out an “Ohh”, and Stan moving his hand under her belly to rub her clit whilst Gerald continued thrusting in and out. He came with a grunt and spunked up Valerie’s pussy.

Gerald stood with his cock up Valerie while he caught his breath, pulling out after about half a minute. He said “I haven't had that for 15 years since the wife passed on.”

Valerie was still bent over, her hands on the chair supporting herself, her legs now widely spread, her full tits swinging slowly. Gerald moved away, letting Stan replace him, fingering in her sloppy pussy, his hand covered in Gerald’s come.

She didn't care and didn't move, she just let him do his thing. The other two - Bert and John - were now giving her tits a good groping, tweeking her nipples. Bert had one hand under her left tit and his right hand between the cheeks of her bum probing her arse with his finger, while Stan replaced his fingers with his 6 inch and quite thick cock, and fucked away, hands on Valerie’s hips.

I watched this incredible performance speechless, no-one spoke, just the sound of Stan’s cock squelching in and out of Valerie’s pussy, and her soft sighs as she was fucked.

Stan didn’t last long and soon groaned, adding his cum to her pussy. Valerie remained motionless as Stan withdrew his glistening cock from her. Being blindfolded she did not know how many more cocks (if any) were going to enter her cunt.

Bert was next, while Stan was busy giving Valerie his cock, Bert had taken the time to remove his shirt and trousers/pants and was now naked (apart from socks) positioning himself behind Valerie’s offered cunt bent over and spread wide as she was.

Bert’s cock was long – maybe 9 inches – but not thick, and looked quite impressive as it stood rock hard and ready to fuck. He rubbed his bell end up and down Valerie’s slit as it dripped cum, then Bert gently eased his cock in. Valerie tensed as his 9 inches disappeared inside her – his bell end must have pushed her cervix or maybe hit her G-spot.

Bert slowly gyrated in and out of her pussy, a slow rhythm and Valerie couldn’t help herself as she responded – they were performing a slow ballet. They kept this up for at least five minutes before it all got too much for Bert – his pace quickened, Valerie stopped, her mouth open, waiting for the next spurts of cum to fill her pussy.

Bert climaxed, and Valerie whimpered as he shot his load into her.

It was now John’s turn, he had been busy sucking on Valerie’s large right tit, and I could see her nipple was red and swollen, with small bite marks around it.

John shuffled from the sofa to take up position behind Valerie, his trousers around his ankles. With no preliminary he rammed his cock (smallest of the old gits at about 5 inches) straight up her. John could not last long and spunked her pussy after only two or three minutes.

Gerald’s thick cock was still out of his flies and just erect again as he looked at her, she was now covered in sweat. He stood up and took her hand leading to the sofa sitting her between John and Bert both of whom took an eager grasp of her breasts.

Gerald stood in front of Valerie and placing his hands on the back of her head, gently pulled her head forward. The tip of his rigid cock was only two inches from her mouth.

“Suck.” Gerald firmly ordered, and Valerie – although blindfolded – knew exactly what she had to do.

Her arms were trapped by Bert and John, and so she opened her mouth, and slowly – very slowly – eased her head forward until Gerald’s big bell-end was between her open lips. I could see her tongue flash around his helmet, before she pushed herself further forward enveloping at least three inches of his thick member in her mouth.

Gerald swayed to and fro, his cock disappearing until she had three quarters of his member inside her mouth.

The other three were transfixed – watching this young woman suck their friend.

Then Gerald wanted her pussy again, and he roughly pulled Valerie’s hips to the edge of the sofa, putting his cock back into her pussy, and taking off like a steam train with him kneeling down. Valerie came. Gerald came. So another lot of spunk up her pussy. They didn’t use condoms.

John was next, a little gentler now screwing her slowly on edge of the sofa, then Stan then Bert both going at it like men possessed, while Gerald and John sat each side of Valerie holding her legs wide apart.

This went on between the 4 of them for what must have been an hour. Valerie wasn’t resisting just with her pussy at the edge of the sofa being used, and coming every few minutes. Bert was the last one to have her. He teased her the most, putting his penis just touching her pubic hair and labia but not entering her, she quivered involuntary with her hips pushing her vagina on to the head of his 60 year old cock head, then he pushed all the way up her cunt whilst he chuckled, and it wasn’t long before she came with Stan rubbing her clit as Bert fucked her hard.

Just as Bert finished he stood up, smiled at me and parted Valerie’s pussy lips, pointing to her pink hole which didn't look so tight now. Her pussy was well fucked, sticky and dripping cum.

“Old cocks do that lad.” he said to me, smiling.

I don't know if Valerie enjoyed the groping or shagging best, and she sank on to the chair which she had held on to whilst they were on the sofa. She took off the blindfold and said “I thought you lot were here, your dirty buggers.”

Valerie stood up with trembling legs, making to get her dress from the sideboard with her bra and knickers. She put it on, but hadn't buttoned it up yet and made to do so. She didn’t say any thing but mumbled thanks.

Gerald said loudly “You don’t owe me the fee, just come back next time.”

I led Valerie out of the door, dress still undone up the front to the car. I opened the car door and drove back home with Valerie’s tits and pussy exposed, I wasn’t caring a bit.

Later at home we shagged like rabbits, in spite of her being somewhat sore, when I pushed my cock into her, spunk oozed out to make room for my cock.

I hadn’t had her so still had a full sack to empty. Later, Valerie said she the experience was fantastic but she was exhausted and very embarrassed for going through with it.

I am not sure we will go again as I’m not so sure what the old bastards will try next. I’m sure they planned it after I rang up, and just got lucky with me being over enthusiastic.

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