Written by jonny_1964

28 May 2010

My first experience with another man.

Was a long time ago. I was in my early twenties. Girlfriend temping - typing and filing and that sort of thing. Me getting odd jobs here and there on building sites and decorating.

Was on this job finishing off a row of three new houses. We needed a bunch of stuff - cement, sand, etc.... Gaffer says to Darren to head off in the big white van to the builders merchants. Darren says he'll need a hand and the Gaffer says to take Paul but Darren says Paul's a lightweight and he wants Jonny. Jonny - that's me.

Darren's a bit older than me - early thirties. And he's a tall strong bloke. I'm not gonna argue. But I'd rather be having a laugh back on the site with the lads, stripped to the waist and topping up me tan whenever I'm out in the sun. But you just do as your told if you want to get work the next day and the next...

So we set off in the big white van. Traffic's a nightmare. Keep having to stop which gives me plenty of time to have a look at all the women walking around. They all seem to have had their Summer clothes pretty much sprayed on. There are some tasty girls out there and I'm getting a bit of a hardon hidden in my shorts, thinking about what they'd be like out of their knickers. Darren's having a good look at the talent too.

Anyway, just as we're about to get on the dual carriageway and get some speed up, we miss another set of bloody lights. Out walks this stunning blonde girl. Really ten out of ten. She crosses the road and she's got this tight grey and white stripey top on and I can see her nipples through the cotton like little brass studs.

My semi-hard instantly turns rock hard as I'm imagining her and me standing in front of each other naked and my cock brushing against her thighs as I suck her tits... and Darren just says, loud as you like so maybe she'll hear, "Fuckin' 'ell. I'd give her one."

I say, "Yeah, me too."

We both stare after her, getting a long look at her wiggling arse as she disappears into the crowd.

Lights are still red.

I say, "Fuck me, I'm randy."

Darren says, "Yeah. I'm so fuckin' horny I could get in the back of the van right now and wank myself off."

"Yeah, me too."

Darren looks round at me and says, "You wanna do that?"

I look at him. Is he saying what I think he's saying? "What d'you mean?"

Darren answers as if I'm thick. "D'you wanna toss off in the back of the van, mate? I fuckin' do. I've been horny all day."

I'm thinking to myself, I have no idea how to answer that when my mouth opens and says automatically, "Yeah. Why the fuck not?"

The lights turn green.

We drive on in silence. I'm in a kind of weird state wondering exactly what I'm getting myself into. I notice that I'm trembling a bit. My heart's banging and it's almost like I can hear the blood pumping through my neck near my ears louder than the engine. This doesn't last long because Darren screeches into a lay-by and gets out of the van. I'm still taking my seatbelt off when I hear him opening the double doors at the back and shouting, "Come on Jonny!"

The back of the van's in a right state - odd lengths of timber and tools and clutter and empty paper sacks and dirty rags and clutter... Darren picks up a step ladder that's lying in the middle of it all and impatiently throws it to one side. He shuts the doors and turns the handle. We're locked in together.

Darren pulls his tshirt off and and then drops his shorts fast. Out springs his cock. It's fully hard. And it's a big one. I'm proud of mine but his is thicker, more veiny, possibly a bit longer too. I can't take my eyes off it.

"Come on Jonny. No reason to be shy. I'm not, am I?"

So I pull my shorts down. He gives my hardon a little glance but then he's just intent on beating himself off. His eyes are closed half the time. He's massaging his chest, stomach and thighs with the other hand, sometimes stroking his buttocks.

The van's not that tall and we can't stand upright properly. Darren drops to his knees. I do the same. This puts us a little closer together. The tips of our cocks are only about six inches away from each other.

I'm frightened to touch my cock in case I cum instantly, coz I'm so turned on. I realise with a shock that this has now got nothing to do with the girl in the grey and white top. What's getting me so excited is this very masculine bloke and his big cock. I've never looked at him before, except to notice in a sort of bored way that he was a big strong feller. But now that same fact is suddenly very me. Here we are, two blokes in our prime, pants down, cocks out. I start wanking slowly, staring at that big hard cock of his. Every so often he glances over at my cock as I pull the foreskin back and forth. He has a bit of a dirty smirk every time he looks over at it. But he really doesn't seem that interested.

I'm staring at his hard cock, drinking in every detail of it. I notice how much pinker his bell-end is than mine and then wonder briefly if his is what's normal and there's actually something weird about my purple one. For a second he lets go of his cock just to brush his thick hair back off his forehead. Without thinking, I reach out to touch his amazing free-swinging cock. My fingers brush the side of it. But before I know it, Darren has grabbed my wrist and snatched my hand away, holding my arm firmly in mid-air.

"I'm not fucking gay, mate." He stares at me accusingly. It's a question and he's expecting me to answer.

"No," I say. "Me neither."

"Then wank your own fucking cock." And he gets back down to it.

I'm stunned. What is this? Am I gay then? He's obviously not. He's hardly giving my cock a look but I can't take my eyes off his. Does that make me gay? But I wasn't gay before I got in this van. And it was HIS idea to have a wank together. That seems really unfair somehow. It makes me angry. But the fact is I am enjoying looking at him. Not just his cock either. But all of him. Hairy chest. Flat stomach. Strong biceps. Tanned skin. Thick hair in his armpits...

Darren's head tilts back. "Ahh yeh. I'm nearly there!" His eyes roll back under his eyelids. The skin on his neck and chest is flushed red and there's a sheen of sweat all over him. His cock looks huge and angry. I can feel my own cum churning at the root of my cock. His hand is a blur now as he wanks himself as fast as he can. His face is stretched in a grimace that seems strangely inappropriate coz it should be pleasure but it looks more like pain or disgust or outrage.

I'm hardly touching myself but I could cum in an instant. But I'm holding off carefully, so I can study in detail what it looks like when another man cums.

When he ejaculates, it's with such force that I don't actually see it. I realise he's cum because I feel something against my thigh and I look down and there are several gobs of his spunk lying on my skin. I look back towards his cock to see a big cord of sperm flying out through the air. This lands on the floor of the van with a noisy splatter. He rears up from his kneeling position a little and re-adjusts his cock, pulling the foreskin right back, violently - and the next stream of cum lands on my chest. I wonder if he's done it deliberately to make sure he gets his cum on me. But maybe he's just doing whatever his muscles need to do to maximise the pleasure of that orgasm. The next bolts of spunk are smaller. One rises about an inch above his cock before falling straight to the floor. The next two or three just emerge gently and ooze down his knuckles and drip from there onto his bollocks. His cock and balls are a spunky mess and all I can do is stare at the sight greedily, in case I never see anything like this again.

His breathing is heavy. He opens his eyes sleepily and is met with the sight of my cum shooting out. The first jet rises high but falls straight back down onto my bell-end making a spunky mess that feels deliciously slimy. Maybe I'm out for revenge but as the second wave hits, I point my cock towards him and score a big hit across his thigh and forearm. He is getting a casual look at my cock and spunk now - a bit more interested than before but not exactly fascinated. He doesn't seem bothered that he's got my spunk on his skin.

Before my orgasm has subsided, he's already grabbed a rag and is wiping up the cum. He throws the rag at me afterwards to mop myself up. "What a fuckin' mess," he says. And he wipes his shoes on the spunk on the floor, churning it into the dust.

He's pulled his shorts up and tshirt back on and is starting to open the van doors while I'm still naked. I have to jump to get my shorts up before anyone sees me.

When we're back in the front of the van, I say, "I won't tell anyone about this."

And he says, "Oh fuck it mate - it was just a bit of fun. You can tell who you like but they won't believe you. And they'll think you're gay."

Bombshell. Very true. I'm already wondering if I'm gay. If I told anyone about this, they would wonder too.

When I get home that night, I give my girlfriend the best fucking I can muster. But even while we're shagging I can't get the image of his hard cock out of my head. It makes me harder and my girlfriend is loving it and wondering what's got me so turned on. I don't tell her of course.

OK. So this was a long time ago. I'm now happy with the idea that I'm turned on by a hard cock. There's been a string of girlfriends and now I've been married for eleven years. No kids but it's all good.

Only problem is, I would like some cock from time to time. I can't tell my wife. I have had cock a total of four times over the last twenty years or so, purely by chance. Maybe it'll never happen again. But I need more...