Written by vegaspussylover

17 Nov 2015

Recently returning from a business trip from Vegas, want to share with your an amazing sexual encounter with a Texan saleswoman. I own and run an executive car showroom and a body kit garage , with very wealthy clients. I'm asian, 6ft 2 , 35 yrs old, very well built and been told nicley endowed at 8inch . Meeting very rich clients, i have had encouters with several of their bored wives/gfs.

Anyway , during my 7 day trip attending Sema car show exhibition in Vegas, i met some very sexy ladies both at the hotel bar / pool, nighclubs and at the exhibition . But the best been Shelly from Texas , a successful saleswoman . This happned on the last of the show and a day before i was due to leave.

I'm usually an early riser to attend the gym for 40 mins, with a nice swim thereafter. To my surprise , in the hot outdoor pool with a skimmy bikini layed Shelly . We exchanged hellos, i after the workout and swim , still hungover , sat opposite her to give my body a well deserved rest. We became chatty , she loved my accent, we shared many likes especilaly about cars and the exhibition .

Cocktails were ordered, we sat closer together. She had a magnificent body , in her early 40s, blonde hair , with blue eyes. Her bra was showing her 34D breasts and with the bubbles of the Jacuzzi a beautiful pair of dark erected nipples. She commented on my physique and commitment to keeping fit. I made her known that she was beautiful with a well toned body .

This gave me an excuse after 2 cocktails in her , to touch her biceps and the back of her shoulders . She didn't mind me giving her a soft shoulder massage . Standing in front and back to me , she began to slowly move closer to my groin . I opened them up and she soon was rubbing her bum on my erect cock . With her acknowledable of my nice hands , she whispered of hard and long my cock was and at the same time , had her 1 hand on my thigh and the other slowly massaging the now fully erected 8inch .

The pool area still been empty , expect for the bar tender out of vision , I kissed her neck, moving my hand on her inner thighs and with my right hands slipped my finger into her pusy . It eased in very easily and she was totally waxed . Softly I started to finger her. Her rubbing of my cock increased with her hand and bum.

She turned around and we snogged for a while . We agreed to carry on in private and she invited me back to her room . I agreed to met in 10 minutes and after my room . Her room was 5 floors higher.

I arrived back with condoms and a half bottle of vodka. She opened the door half naked and I grapped her tight toward me , snogging deep into her throat, whilst guiding her back into her queen size bed. Stripped naked i started to kiss her neck, moving my hands on her iiner thighs , spreading her long legs and massing her clit . She was moaning heavily , approving every finger movement . My tongue moved her erect nipples and breasts . Kissing her around her nipples and all over her breasts , she was encouraging faster fingering . Her hands were diging deep into my chest and back.

My kissing moved downwards , towards her stomach , her led to her inner thighs , leading to her wet pussy . I took my time kissing , massagng , slowly blowing and ultimatley lick and tongue fucking her. She was screaming with pleasure . Her hands on my head pushing it deeper into pussy .

'Fuck me' she screamed . I throughout , played safe , and slowly moved on top of her , she positioned her legers wider , took my whole length in her and as i commenced fucking her , wrapped her legs around my back . Balancing my hands by her side , I fucked her deep and hard with her approval . At occasions slowly down , snogging her and then speeding up . It continued for a good 5 minutes , until I felt her dig her long nails in my back, the legs tightened and with an al mighty screamed she orgasmed with the last long and hard strides. I was close to cuming and continued util my load filled the condom deep inside her pussy . A long snogged afterwards for approval .

I poured the vodka and she wanted a smoke.

It was not long before she had me hard again , and this time , she rode me on the sofa until she orgasmed again . I fucked herd 2 more times until 3pm that day . We collasped in bed after for a powernap.

Agreeing to meet that evening left to do our own bits..

The evening session resulted in more fucking , intoxication and a mini video making for memories.

These Amercian can fuck ....