Written by plimsoleline

22 May 2009

Vera was sprawled on all fours giggling and appologizing for her slutty drunken state.Simon looked from his side of the bed, no doubt looking at Veras pendulous tits which were no longer held by her blouse. This is it, i thought this situation might get interesting. I hoisted up Vera\\\'s skirt and slapped her arse. Vera\\\'s laughing stopped and and was replaced by light moaning and so whilst slapping her i let my other hand move over her crotch, Vera pushed back onto my hand and this gave me more confidance to accelerate proceedings. Simon looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights but the huge bulge in his trousers told me everything i needed to know. Simon looked like he needed a hand so i berated Vera for getting him this state and told her that she should take hold of Simons cock and sort him out. Simon undid his fly and struggled to free his heavy looking cock, i am unsure of who gasped first, me or Vera but she grabbed hold of the cock and i watched as it grew in her hand. I said that she better get to work on sorting Simons problem out or I would have to spank her harder.Vera looked up at simon and stroked him to full stiffness and within two minutes he started to come, splashing his hot come onto her neck and in her hair.Simon was a suprise in that he softened quickly. I motioned for Simon to come to my side of the bed and i saw his eyes light up when he heard what i had to say. Simon went out of the room and I pushed Vera onto her back and asked her if she wanted Simon to fuck her. Vera nodded and i said that she would have to get him hard again and also proove that she was worthy of his hue cock.

Simon returned to the room holding a cucumber, just as i had asked him, and i handed it to Vera and told her to show us how accomodating she could be.

vera grasped the cucumber and rubbed it along her crack before pushing it inside her cunt, she groaned and managed to get a couple of inches in her. Simon started to pull on Vera\\\'s nipples and it was at that point that i encouraged him to be a little rougher, Simon was now really going to town on Vear\\\'s tits and she was still humping the cucumber for all she was worth. I whispered that if she wanted Simon to fuck her she should tell him. Vera begged for Simon to fuck her and in a flash the cucumber was thrown to the floor as Simon positioned himself between Vera\\\'s legs. I encoraged Simon to fuck her hard and sure enough he pounded away showing no concern regarding his immense size. Vera was breathing like an asthmatic as she began to orgasm after orgasm. I was mesmerized by the site of such debauched behaviour and pulled at my own cock until i shot my load all over the bed . Vera was now a snotty mess and we left her to sober up while we digested what had happened.

Its funny but Vera never mentioned the incident the next day but i did notice that she was happily drinking more and with that leaving herself open to other abuses.

The fun we had that night was only the begining and Simon stayed wth us for many weeks to come......