Written by essex girl

22 Mar 2009

Hi All, I'm new to this site and reading some of the storys has prompted me to tell you of one of my experiences and if you like it i may tell you some more!

Here goes, a few years ago i was out in Romford clubbing for my 18th birthday, as you can imagine it was a very drunken night with lots of friends and drinks being bought me left right and centre and before long i was rather sozzled.

I started the night looking a million dollars in my new little black dress that clung in all the right places and with my long black boots that my mum had got me I was looking very hot, if I do say so myself! And ended up at the end of the night snogging a guy who i later found out was named Mark in corner and was abandoned by all my friends when i went to look for them, So Mark and his mate kindly offered to give me a lift in there cab.

Once in the cab we started again with lots of kissing and his hands wandereing all over my body over the top of my dress then i felt a hand slipping up my dress and parting my legs, and i dont know if it was the drink or just me being silly but i didnt realise at first that it was his mate with his fingers tugging down my knickers, but Mark didnt seem to mind so i just let him, and before long i had my tight black dress round my waist and was being fingered by Marks mate (never did find out his name) and ended up with Marks big cock in my mouth! Christs knows what the driver must have been thinking but when Mark said scrap the 1st destination were going straight to mine he seemed to know where it was and laughed and said no problem.

Back at Marks flat in Hornchurch i was undressed by the pair of them and fucked like i had never had before with each of them taking turns to fuck my pussy then my mouth until they both cum almost together in filling me from both ends at the same time which let me tell you girls if you havent tryed it i would throughly recomend trying, the feeling of 2 guys emptying their balls at the same time is something else and if you love the taste of spunk as much as me you will love it!

Well that was my 18th birthday and I'm now 23 and had lots more cock since and enjoyed every single one of them!