Written by M

6 Feb 2008

A while ago I wrote about my wife tracey getting fucked by our new neighbour Steve. Much has happened since that story. Steve and Tracey have been regularly fucking and his wife Ann still hs no idea. However, four weeks ago Ann went away to see her mum, and took thir kid with her. Steve asked us to und for the evening and that Tracey stayed the night to which we agreed.

When we got there Steve's younger brother Ben was there a very sexy young guy iof 22 years of age, Tracey could not take her eyes off him, and as she was dressed like a slut he was the same with her. She had a leather mini skirt, stockings basque and thigth length boots and a very open white blouse. We had a drink and chatted Steve had his arm around Tracey, and started to grope her tits, Ben was sitting oposaite and then Steve told Ben to join Steve and Tracey on the setytee, which h did and was soon stroking up her legs and inside her skirt, she was commando and smooth he was finger fucking her and Steve kising her and had her tits out now, her top soon came off and her skirt. The guys then undressed, I hde seen Steve's body a few time s a very fit athltic, muscuular body with his massive cock and his brother very athletic nit so mmuscular but an equally huge cock , they were both over 12" long and thick and they were very erect, Tracey was sucking Steve now and on hr knees as Ben was behind her licking her arse and cunt thn he stood and quickly entered her cuint then slowly got his entire length inside her, he was fucking her hard had her hair pulled tight in his hand and Steve was literally fucking her mouth they swopped ends and then she was riding Steve and was bent forward as Ben lubricated her arse and entered her arse they dp'd her for quite a while befor swopping and then cumming inside both holes. After about twenty minutes they were fucking her again. At about midnight I went home and left Ben and Steve fucking her, she came back at 2pm the next day with Ben, and he took her upstairs and stayed that night too, with me in the spare room. Sionce then she has had them together a couple of times a week and gets them on a 121 about once a week. They are taking her to London in a couple of weeks time to meet four mates, they have told Ann it is a stag weekend, and I suppose it will be. I love seeing her or hearing about her times with teve and Ben, sh has turned into a black cock loving slut and I love it. SDo any other blk guys who want a fuck with her let me know.