Written by brenda

26 May 2019

The great sex I had with my neighbour's boy's mate who done some gardening for me carried on to a afternoon /evening session which totally exhausted me and made me think what I had missed out on over the last few years, I had given the lad my phone number and he had text me how lucky he felt he was the luckiest boy in the world, I as laying in bed when he rang about a hour later,and said do you remember what I said after our lovely session that I would do anything he wanted, I said yes, he then amazed me and said could he bring his mate with him and said he is ok but got a smaller prick than him.

All of a sudden I felt from being totally satisfied for the ist time in years to be a cheap old used tart, it took me ages to reply that I wasn't sure, I would call him in the morning, that night I couldn't sleep thinking how stupid I was and within a 2 day period 3 local lads had now known I was a easy lay , surely all the gossip would start etc. that morning I got up and pondered wether to phone him and say I didn't want to see him again, after a cup of coffee I phoned and he said im nearly at my place and sorry he had upset me, I replied im not happy but we will talk about it, to my horror there is a knock on the door and both boys are standing there, in they come both looking sheepish but I was really angry and tore into both of them and totally lost it. neither boy said a word and told them to get out and do some gardening while I thought what I was going to do.

I had a shower and got sexy thoughts of the two boys of what it would be like, im in my bedroom putting on my sexy out fit when there is a shout from downstairs can he use the toilet,its robin the new lad, I tell him its upstairs and to come up, by now im doing the finishing touches to my make up and starting to feel better about myself,i hear him pull the chain and he calls out could he have a word he would like to apologise, I come to the bedroom door and in he comes,and jabbers away saying it wasn't his idea and he felt horrible about the situation etc I said to him why did he come and he said he is embarrassed to say that all his mates have had sex with girls and dave downstairs has had loads of women and he didn't want to get left behind and was getting loads of mickey taking and he was sorry, I laughed and said dave only had sex for the ist time yesterday and the other boys were probably lying too, I said to him im going downstairs and tell dave that you are doing a job for me indoors till tea and I will call him in when its ready.

I return upstairs and tell him to undress I'm standing in my stockings and asking him what he thinks, there is no reply,i gently take his cock in my hand and stroke it, its not that big but looks delicious, I whisper that im going to put it in my mouth, he stands there rigid in fear,i put my lovely red lips around his cock and can take it all in my mouth right up to the makers name,within in 15 seconds he is shooting his load and I don't let him pull out, he actually screams out in pleasure as I swallow the lot, after a bit of a clean up I tell him its my turn now and ask him to get a few of my toys out of the cupboard,i show him what to do and he then says why cant he put his cock in ,I said do you think your ready ,he looked down and said I think so what did I think, I guide him into me as im on the edge of the bed and he is over eager and I have to tell him to slow down,he is now thrusting his cock into me and the energy he has makes up for his inexperience, ive now had more sex in 3 days than I had in 3 years and robin is for keeps ,when I show him how to tease my nipples or alter his postion he is a learner,and a stayer he is everything and more a lot better than young david downstairs but after lunch if I got the energy im going to let the pair of them have a go at this 53 year old and hopefully fuck them silly, I will tell you later what happened if I can