Written by virginslut

25 Mar 2009

I recall a lovely time, when I lost my virginity to my college lecturer. This occurred 5 years ago when I was 18 and all innocent. I took photography as a subject and the lecturer was a tall , handsome and muscular 30yr old Australian recently moved to London. I found him very attractive and started to fantanise about him, getting all wet and horny.

One day, we were in the dark room, developing some images and he was showing me the ropes and as the room was very small we were very close to each other. I could smell his aftershave and occasionally his body would touch mine. I responded by moving closer to him and staying their for longer. I felt his cock getting harder and i enjoyed the feel of it against me. he looked at me and moved really close and put his hand around me and kissed my neck. It was so nice, I turned around and kissed him . He responded by moving his hands inside my skirt , up my leg and started to play with my pussy. I was so turned on and wet, he easily guided his finger inside me and started to finger me really slowly. It felt so warm and nice. I continued to snog him and he lifted me up on the bench , spread my legs and continued to finger me and started to kiss my nipples. I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling. He guided my hand onto his hard cock. It was so huge and i took it out and started to wank him.

He asked me to do it quickly and hard, within a few minutes he shot this load all over my hands. We heard some noises outside, and we quickly stopped and dressed up and continued with the printing. However he continued to feel my hot pussy throughout the lesson and I felt hid hard cock rubbing against me.

He asked to meet me later after he finished and he took me to his flat. There he stripped me off, made me lay on his bed and he very softly touched , kissed and licked my old body. I was in heaven , with his naked body next to me and his hands and tongue all over me. My pussy was so wet, he then moved his tongue along my thighs and then started to kiss my pussy. Woaw, it was amazing . he did it so slowly and with care. I asked him to carry on for ages. He was so gentle, my whole body was trebling. He asked me, if i wanted his huge cock inside him, i did. he guided his 8inch tool very slowly inside me, it hurt a bit but the pleasure of it took the pain away. He started really slowly, gently increasing the speed until he was banging me really hard. I never felt anything like it. Very soon i felt my body tensing up and within seconds i had a lovely feeling of cuming with his huge cock fucking me. Soon after i felt his speed increase and he shot his huge load inside my soaking pussy. After we cuddled up and he continued to gently stroke and kiss me. My whole body was so hot, i couldn't stop shaking.

I took a shower, dressed and left for home. I couldn't sleep all night.

After that we regularly played in the dark room and i went to his place, where he showed me so may things, like sucking his cock, kissing his nipples, fucking me from behind , having warm showers rubbing each each other with soap , riding him and dressing up for him while he fucked me.we would meet at least 3 times a week

This continued for about 3 months, when he had to go back to Sydney. What a pity.

I have had many fucks since then, mainly with older men, but nothing has compared to him. I wish i could fuck him again.