Written by Pete25

4 Nov 2011

I´ve been fortunate enough to have had intercourse with 2 complete virgins. Both teenagers. Although there were a few others. The second one became my first wife. She was just 18 when we met. I was 21. This was now more than 40 years ago. On our first date I had my hands on her tits and pussy. She said after that she had wanted me to fuck her then except we were in a car with another couple, a friend of mine and a friend of hers, also a virgin. Her friend seemed to take much interest in what we were doing in the back seat. Mine told me later that she used to go out with a boy but he would come in his pants before he could do anything! The next night we went out in my car on our own and I got her to hold my cock.

Back then it wasn´t as easy as now to buy condoms as you had to either buy them in the barber shop, embarrasing with other men looking on or ask in the chemist´s. Sometimes you could find a pub which had a machine in the toilets. This is where I used to get them before. The urge for sex helped to overcome any embarrasment and soon I would even ask young female assistants for them.

On our 3rd date I asked her if she was ready to do it and she was. I found her a bit tight and it was a bit painful for her. Second time was easier but she started to cry. She said she felt stupid because of her inexperience so I pulled out and went down on her and gave her a climax. Her first! She´d never masturbated. She wanted me back inside her very quickly after that and soon got into being fucked on a regular basis.

Next step was to get her to give me oral sex which she was very willing to do. I used to come in her mouth and she would pass it into my mouth so we both swallowed spunk. Her first time but not mine. I had been with a man before. Another story sometime. Very nice too.

When she was 18 her Mum let her go on holiday with me. Uncommon in 1970! We used a caravan so it was sex morning, noon and night. The spunk flowed! As did her pussy juices! We got married when she was 19 so things were even better for sometime. Of course nothing lasts forever but that´s another story.