Written by John

31 Jul 2016

In the 1970 I had been married a few years, we had a good sex life but I still enjoyed looking at other women especially if I could see up their skirts and would secretly wank at home. My wife had gone to visit her parents for a couple of days so on my way home I decided to stop at the cinema.

There was a sexy film on so I thought I might get a view of of some groping, it was an old cinema but had been turned into two screens, I was early and brought my ticket and waited in the reception till the doors opened, it filled very quickly but nearly all men, this wasn't what I was looking for. I looked around and saw a woman looking my way and she raised her eyebrows, I did the same back and she came over. I asked her if I knew her and she replied no but I didn't want to go in alone, could I come in with you, I explained that I was getting to change my ticket and go to the film upstairs as I hated packed places (I couldn't tell her the reason I was there). She explained that she thought it would be less busy this time of the afternoon and felt uncomfortable on her own, would you mind if I came upstairs and walked in with you. No it's not a problem we changed our tickets and went up.

She said she wanted the loo and I waited, a few people passed and she came out we entered, the l were still on and she said shall we sit over there, I thought she would sit alone. We sat towards the back with a man in the row infront of us, the main film started and I wasn't sure what to do, she undid her coat and I could see she had a white blouse and short skirt on, she put her arm through mine and moved closer, I out my arm around her and we kissed for a while and my he moved inside her blouse with no resistance, her white lacy bra felt so sexy and I played with her breasts which seemed like ages. I looked down and could see her legs were were slightly open also I could see the man in front looking around, I suggested we move but she said she was happy here, she moved her hand over and pulled my zip down,I was already hard and she rubbed me to perfection, I moved the hem of her skirt up to reveal a pair of the whitest knickers I had seen for a long time. My hand went down the top to find a very wet clit.I wanted to come so much, she pulled my pants down and was wanking my bare cock, I moved my hand out and moved her knickers over and slid two fingers in very easy, I looked over and the man in front had turned to get a better view.

I whispered the situation and she told me it was her boyfriend, he always wanted to watch and they thought this was the ideal place. She asked if I minded what could I say with two fingers inside her, well in for a penny I moved her legs apart and made it more obvious as my arm moved quickly, her hand was moving at such a speed, I asked her to pull her knickers down which she did they were stretched as far as possible it was such a beautiful sight, her boyfriend was openly wanking I told her I couldn't last anylonger she squeezed hard and I came over her hand and leg. She pulled her Knickers back up and said she was going to sit with her boyfriend.

I watched as she sat and carried on wanking him while he fingered her till they both came, I left and got home, if this is the best sexual experience of my life I'll settle for it.