Written by Barry

28 Nov 2016

I’m Barry, I’m 45 and married to Clair (not her real name) who is 36 and a physical trainer in the Army. We’re lucky in that we don’t’ move around which is the usual case for officers in the military so we have a nice bungalow. Clair is physically fit as you would expect, has great firm DD tits and an amazingly shapely figure.

We have a great sex life but are always wondering what we could do to spice things up. Anyway, our bungalow has a big garden at the front but not much at the back which means it backs onto the back of the bungalow behind us. A couple of months ago I pulled down the fence with a view to replacing it but like most jobs it’s still to be finished. The neighbours don’t care and neither does they’re son and you will see why in a sec.

Now long after I took the fence down the Mrs who usually sleeps naked was looking in the wardrobe. Its pitch dark outside and we have French doors into the bedroom. Of course up to now we’ve had a fence so it didn’t matter. But I’m sat on the bed and just through a slit in those blinds that hang down I can see the lad next door looking in at the Mrs. I told her not to move and then explained that she was being watched. As I expected, my exhibitionist wife turns and gives him an eye full whilst pretending to be looking for something else. The lad obviously doesn’t know I am there or that I can see him. Next thing his cock is out and he’s wanking himself watching my wife.

I can’t blame him. She has a perfect figure, flat stomach, big tits with big bright red nipples that get bigger the more turned on she is and a mouth that I love to fuck. Her arse is not too big but firm and a great shape just right to take my cock now and again.

Now this lad I guess is 19 or so and to be fair he’s a big lad. I’ve seen him about with his girlfriend who I don’t mind telling you I would fuck any day. Anyway, she stands there fussing with stuff and we’re pissing ourselves laughing, then she looks up to try and see him without looking directly and I’m looking through the blinds when the lad shoots his load.

We were shocked but had the best fuck in ages. The next evening we make sure he sees her again. But a few days after that I’m hiding away from the blinds watching and she waved at him and the little shot waves back. The Mrs, who is having a ball presses her DD tits against the glass rubbing then against the door and touching herself and fingering her pussy and this lad is wanking for England. I have to admit to having my cock out as well I may add. Then she’s groaning which tells me she’s about to cum. As she lets out a deep scream he shoots his load again. I looked at her and asked if she had just shagged the boy next door and she laughed saying she thought she had.

Over the next few weeks this happens occasionally but I’ve walked in on Clair doing it without me and straddling an African sculpture which looks like a cock with eyes. Riding it in front of this lad. I was mad as hell and we had a heart to heart where she promised that she would never have an affair but that this was exciting for her. Then the promise changed to ‘ I will never let another man inside me’ and then ‘ I will never let another man cum inside me’. I asked her why the changes but she didn’t answer. We had a bit of an argument and it came out. She tells me that she will never let a man cum inside her but would love to have a bit of ‘safe fun’. I left it at that and went to work.

Two nights later I’m back and the wife has parked her car in the way which means I have to go round the back of the house where the bedroom is to get in, Its pitch black and I don’t’ have a torch so I’m being careful not to fall over when I see that lads bedroom light is on. But what I also see is my wife on her knees sucking his cock. I’m fucking furious, this kid is fucking my wife’s face and by the colour of her cheeks and the mascara running down her cheeks he’s going in deep. Her heads bobbing back and forward so she’s really going for it. But she looks fucking hot. Her tits are bouncing and she’s squeezing them and then giving him a titty fuck. Then she leans back and this kid cums over her face and tits. Clair is lapping it up, cleaning herself with her hand and putting as much as she can in her mouth. Then, like a gentle man he gets her a towel.

I’m pissed but have a hard on at the same time, what I didn’t’ like if them standing naked and hugging with his tongue in her mouth.

I think this has happened a few times but I’ve only caught them twice, the second time was pretty much the same but this time he cums in her mouth shooting quite a load then shoves his tongue in her mouth. I creep back to the car and then wait until the house lights come on and then pretend I’m arriving home. Other than the fact Claire smells like cum I would never tell she’s just taken a guy in her mouth.