Written by weesean00

30 Nov 2009

Myself and my sexy wife (in my Opinion) had spoken of my fantasy of seeing her with another man.

My wife is 5"5 dress size 12-14 with fantastic 36EE assets to show off. I have always had a real hankering to see her pleasure another man the way she pleasures me and so the story goes.

Having decided she would attend to my fantasy need if the occasion arose she preceeded to get ready for her night out on the town with grlfriends.

wearing a sheer black satin pecil skirt, red satin top and coat she had covered her Stockings, suspenders and basque very moderately not allowing the men of the town to see just what might be on offer if they got lucky.

with text flowing back and forward all night, around 1am I got t a text to say she was being dropped off at the bus stop at the end of our road by an old friend. I knew this meant I was in for some petting action, what I got was a whole lot better and so unexpected.

I as crept over to near the bus stop which was near trees and shrubbery I had a fantatic view but was totally un sighted. I watched shaking with anticipation as I saw my wife in the bus stop already kissing her friend passionately and his hands groping her tight ass through her skirt.

As the passion rose so did her skirt to reveal the stockings and sexy french panties she had on, her companion had no hesitation in allowing his fingers to explore her panties and enjoy her wetness.

I was sporting a hardon which by now I was stroking as I watched my wife push her friend back onto the seat and slowly bend towards his cock, I could not believe what I witnessed as I saw my wife take his hard cock in her mouth and slowly take his full length into her throat. as she sucked I could see him look upward and then start to push my wife's head onto his hard cock. She then slowy stood up and kissed him whilst openly wanking his hard cock. As I watched my cock exploded thich spunk all over the bushes and my knees buckled.

By now her skirt was above waist height and her stockinged legs looked amazing in the light against the dark background. I then stood amazed as I saw her allow her fiend to remover her panties and wrap them around his cock as she wanked him. Again she went down taking his hardness into her open mouth and slowly wanked his cock into her waiting mouth. I could see him squeezing her breasts thru her top as she sucked his hard cock and teased him.

I could see from his body position he was ready to cum and to my surprise my wife slowly moved her head so he could spunk his load right into her mouth and all over her face and the panties wrapped around his thick cock.

once he had came my wife kissed him passionately and he slowly cleaned his spunk from her face using her panties and then he placed them in the her bag and made her way home.........

OMG i felt like the luckiest man alive.