Written by Clever Trevor

7 Jun 2012

Trish, my wife, had been out last weekend and finished up meeting and screwing with a guy back at his place before coming back home with her story and giving me a very nice blowjob to finish her night of fun. Having spoken to her new lover on the phone I reassured him everything was above board and that I would not be put off by his coming round and I was not some crazed axe man going to sort him out. We chatted and then I handed the phon to Trish so they could discuss anything they wished.

Once off the phone, Trish came into the conservatory and said that all was planned for Wednesday, last night and she wore a smile for the rest of the evening and gave me another sucking that night as she said how she was looking forward to Maurice (Mo) again.

The daytime went slowly for me as I kept up the fitness regime I had set myself, the improvement is marked but gradual, but I had plenty to lookk forward to.

Trish got home around five with a bit of shopping for the food. I had set the table and done a bit of pottring to get the place ready, so it gave her time to pamper and dress for her lover while I kept an eye on the food she was preparing. She bathed and I heard the hairdrier going and then plenty of movement before she arrived back in the kitchen to check all was well. She looked fabulous. A red designer dress which she was keeping for a special occassion, the neck scooped low, showing lots of cleavage and contouring her body down almost to her knees. It hugged her body and sparkled. I knew she was naked beneath it because the day she bought it she said she could never wear underwear because every line would show. She lifted it to prove it and her shaved cunt looked fantastic, smooth, polished almost. Mo was going to get a true treat.

Trish asked what I intended to do and I suggested I sat in the conservatory at an appropriate time because that way, the extra figure in the room may inhibitthings from progressing. I said I would take my brandy through after dinner and sit quietly out of the way, but where I could seeprogress, plus the camera would be next to my armchair so a few discreet pictures would help make a memorable evening.

All of a sudden we were finalising the food. Tapas starter with salmon mains and a light fresh fruit salad, nothing too heavy. A bottle of white and water with any other drink available in case he wanted lager or beer and we were ready. Just after eight, his car pulled into the drive and he was greeted at the door by Trish. A kiss of greeting and I shook his hand, welcoming him into the house. The awkwardness fell away immediately as he smiled and produced a box of chocs for Trish and a bouquet of flowers along with some wine for the evening already chilled. Trish led him into the lounge and then the conservatory where a bottle of bubbly was opened by me. Mo was around 5' 9'' and quite round faced with a warm smile and good conversation as we had our drinks and the tapas and a nice relaxing chat.

Soon our main course was ready and Mo and I watched her leave for the kitchen, both our gaze taking in her arse. Mo said quietly, 'Great arse', I agreed and said he would soon be seeing a lot more of that. Trish called through to get into the dining room and I led the way. We were soon sitting and enjoying a great meal, perfect for what was to come. Within half an hour we had finished the food and had managed not to bring sex to the table, but now the timing was right for me to leave them alone. I invited Mo to have a brandy and said that I needed to stretch my legs and reached for my walking stick, the bloody thing, but hopefully a thing of the past soon. Taking my drink I left them to it as they sat with their wine.

I took up my place in the conservatory I sat out of the way but by virtue of the glass panelled door, I could see their reflections as they sat close together, kissing and fondling each other, the illumination was perfect and I could see beneath the table that his hand had moved her dress high up her thigh and she was getting her shved cunt well felt, hence the sighs and low moans. They stayed there for a few minutes and then came through into the lounge, which was lit, but the conservatory where I was stayed in the darkness. They continued kissing and fondling, Trish's dress remained above her hip and his hand stayed locked on her smooth cunt, delving knuckle deep inside her, while she was rubbing gemtly across the bulge in his trousers. They reached the sofa and before they sat down, her dress was removed over her head and left her naked. Mo murmurred how lovely she looked and I felt my cock twinge as I watched in silence. I thought the strength of my heaartbeat as it threatened to thump against my ribs would be heard by them both. My throat was dry and constricted and I would not have been able to answer if either of them had asked me something. But I was invisible, Mo just wanted to concentrate on the woman in his arms, her light tan shining subtlely with a covering of body butter, making her soft body silky smooth.

Silently I took the camera, which was prepared for use and I aimed and shot, the flash must have been noticed by them both, but they were too tied in their building lust to take any notice. They sat, or rather lounged across the settee, my naked wife now loosening his clothes and helping him out of his trousers and pants and releasing his prick to my gaze, a nice size, not huge, but quite thick too and obviously well large enough to satisfy her as she went down on him and swallowed his cock deep down for all our benefits. That Trish was a bit of an exhibitionist was fairly obvious and her smiling face made it plain she was getting exactly what she wanted.

I took some more shots of them engrossed in each other and along the way he got naked too and began to give me some great shots of him licking and gently chewing on her lips andmaking her one again very wet. Trish was getting highly aroused now and breathing heavily, a sure sign she was ready to come. Her eyes were closed and she held his head in place again and gripped him tight to her cunt as she came for the first time, gushing her juices across his face and the settee as well as drenching the inside of her thighs.

They lay together as she came down, Mo said it was incredible and I closed in to record the mess with a dark stain beneath her bum and some splashes on the carpet. Trish smiled happily and then said it was time to go upstairs, taking his hand and leading him to the staircase. I watched as he followed her, feeling her lovely bum and cunt as she ascended in front of him, leading him into our bedroom, leaving the door open for me to follow.

When I reached the doorway, they were already on the bed with Mo lying between her open thighs, Trish leaning back on her elbows watching him eating her pussy for all he was worth. The musky scent of sex was just evident but bound to get stronger adding that as an aphrodisiac as if it were needed. It is a view I love. My wife getting thoroughly satisfied by another guy, especially one as thoughtful and well mannered as him, not the normal Friday night pub type pick up, but they were certainly giving each other the whole no holds barred.

I took pics and watched as they made love with each other, this wa above pure lust, they could hardly keep themselves apart for more than a few seconds and I was completely forgotten even though the camera intruded into their sexual union.

After an age, he was ready to fuck er at last. Her lips hung free, ready to be fuced and his prick was rampant, ready to fill her with his come. Mo knelt between her thighs and pulled back his foreskin as far as it would go, then rubbed the shaft gently up her slit. I looked at her face and saw her watching every movement and sighing and catching her breath as he worked his teasing cock against her furrow, not quite putting it right in. I got some great shots of the teasing and she called him a bastard and begged him to put it in and fuck her. When she did get it up her she gripped him hard and screwed her groin aginst him, getting him as deep as she could, then let off a series of grunts as she fought to get him further inside.

They were soon moving together with a bit less fanaticism, beginning to enjoy the sensation of each other as they fucked. His strokes were well timed and got a response each deep movement making her sigh contentedly. I had stripped naked on the landing and leaned against the door jamb with my stick out of the way but within reach. I hoped I was not going to get too engrosed and fall over but I didn't. They seemed to screw for a long time and worked up to a higher tempo before I saw his arse tense up and with a groan he came deep inside her, making her tremble as he shot inside her, telling her how lovely her body was and how much he loved fucking her.

They now lay in each other's arms, so one final pic of that and I disappeared back to my brandy and to the laptop to download the fantastic scenes I had recorded. The seventy odd pics were downloaded and filed for future use and many a wank no doubt. I was pleased that I had a couple of before pics as well with Trish looking ravishing in the dress, posing and cooking and one of her and Mo clinking glasses in the conservatory as we began the evening. An hour had passed and then I heard someone come downstairs. It was Trish, still naked and looking very radiant. She said she wondered if Mo could sleep with her in our bed. I agreed and said I had made the spare up while she was at work and had left it ready just in case. She said she had assumed so and had put my clothes near the door to my room, then I just let my fingers drop to her cunt, it was soaking. She said she had been very naughty by letting Mo fuck her and she would make it up to me. I grinned and she led me to the still damp settee and lay me down, then straddled my face and asked me to lick her cunt clean so she could go back to her lover to get filled again. I happily obliged and tasted his salty come as I licked her out, her cunt was pink with the exertions and as I emerged I watched her take her position and suck me off, which I was sad to see, did not last long, but she took my whole lot down and she swallowed before going back up the stairs, shutting the door quietlyand leaving me a happy sleepy voyeur.

There is more if interested, the night did not end there