Written by Wanabe Cucked

14 Dec 2007

Jane blustered into our bedroom dropping her things to the floor standing finally in just her bra and knicks, I pretended to be fasto but watched her from the corner of my eye. She turned her cute little bum on me and wiggled off to the bathroom returning less her knicks she slid her bra round undid the clasp flung it with the rest of her clothes and after putting out the light flopped into bed dragging most off the duvet to her side.

After some time I got up and tiptoed to the bathroom her pretty little knicks lay on the floor by the loo. I picked them up and examined the sticky gusset, they were stained all over and unmistakably fresh semen. I tongued them clean savouring the odours and put them in the laundry basket, as I had done for months.

Jane had taken to going out with friends quite often or so I was told returning in the early hours of the morning never drunk but quite well gone. I was not allowed near her after these night outs. Other nights we had good sex and Jane was quite happy to let me do anything with her the exception being anal penetration. I had asked once if she\'d take another guys prick but nothing ever came of it, short of a \'what would you want me to do that for? More of a statement than question.

Her knicks were washed dried and put away the next day. Jane must have realised the spunk had miraculously vanished and must have been leaving them for me to find. An accusation by me of her seeing another guy had once caused a big row. I think I\'ll just go on picking up her spunky knicks. Just let her decide when I can have her full cream pie. Just let her come round to telling me who had just filled her little hole.