Written by M&P

9 Feb 2008

me and my current partner enjoy going for walks in the forest (especially new forest in Hampshire)we have few stories to tell about our horny times we spent there.This one time we drove to new forest parked up and decided to walk around and find a nice quiet spot.The sun was shining so the weather was great.I was wearing a denim miniskirt and a low top just how he likes it.As we were walking i didnt want to wait any longer so i took his hand and lead him to a tree,i leant against it and pulled him close to me ,i could feel i was getting wet just thinking about what we were going to do.As we started kissin our hands were exploring eachothers body,i felt his hard cock through his trousers pressing against me.He got my tits out and was sucking them biting on my nipples gently,I unzipped his trousers and got his hard cock out and was wanking him while he played with my tits...at this point he had one hand up my skirt teasing my clit and the other hand was still playing with my tits making my nipples even harder...I couldnt wait to take his big cock deep into my mouth so i kneeled down and started licking around the tip and then lower and then took him deep down my throat i could hear P letting out quiet moan eachtime his cock touched the back of my throat...after few mins of my pleasuring his lovely cock he he layed me down on the grass opened my legs wide and put his fingers up my wet cunt and was finger fucking me while his thumb was pleasuring my clit...I was gettin even more turned on and i could tell that i was gonna cum very soon i told him to eat my pussy and he didnt need askin twice he buried his face deep in my clean shaven pussy his tongue was all over it just how i like it,he put my legs on his shoulders and was pushin his tongue into my wet hole in and out ,over and over again he then went to lick my other hole his tongue was doing wonders and was getting me even wetter than i have ever been ,i could feel his tongue goin into my tight arsehole and i loved it,after w while i couldnt take anymore and wanted him to fuck me so bad,i told him i needed him to fuck me right now,he got on top of me and pushed his cock hard into my cunt ,in and out with long strokes while sucking on my nipples...he was telling me how he loves to fuck my pussy hard and how im his horny slut and that made me even more hornier he knows i love to hear him talk dirty when he\'sfucking me,his big hard cock was fucking my wet pussy just how i like it and after what felt like ages i could tell p was gettin well aroused to the point where he was gonna cum in the next couple of minutes so i told him to fuck me hard doggy style his favourite position,as he was ramming his cock hard into me i was playing with my swollen clit i could feel i was about to cum again ....P was still talking dirty to me and moaning at the same time i knew he was gonna cum so it was my turn to return the favour and so i was tellin him how i love bein fucked by him,and how im his slut and he can fuck me anyway he likes,\" go one fuck me harder,as hard as you can i wanna feel your cum inside me\" i was sayin and he then let out a big moan \"fuck babe im gonna cum into your juicy cunt...\"he said and then was penetrating me gently ,while i felt a load of spunk drippin out of my pussy onto my legs.

if youl liked that let us know and we ll share our other stories.