Written by lucky old git

21 Feb 2014

Hi there,

this is the story of how and my Mrs first started swinging.

D My wife is 5'1" size 8 - 10 nice 34b boobs and an arse that is to die for.I am fairly well built if a little on the heavy side. we have always had a healthy sex life, which has included toys and fantasy play but never anything further.

whilst my wife has a very good job (working in uniform) which is predominately a male environment, I am semi self employed travelling the length and breadth of the country with my work meaning I spend a few weeks away at a time, but never more then 3, before i need to get home and give her a bloody good seeing too. we always chat either via txt or webcam when either of us a feeling a little horny.

I had been away for longer than usual and was desperate to get back to the wife and have a good weekend in bed with her. as they job had over run by a few days i was not sure as to wen i would be home and informed D as such. luckily we managed to get finished by the 3rd extra night and was on my way home by 0230 on a Friday night / Saturday morning, knowing she would be off for the next 5 days (due to her shift patterns) instead of texting i thought i would surprise her and headed up the M40 at great speed, knowing i would be home for around 6am. just in time to creep in whilst she was still asleep and play out one of her fantasies of being surprised whilst in bed, by a masked stranger.

as we live fairly well outside Manchester in a rural area, i would park the car along the lane outside our house and make my way on foot the last cpl of hundred yards so as not to wake her.

Imagine my shock at 3 cars (1 being hers) being parked on the driveway as i walked up and lights on all over the house. I first thought she was having a party or something at first, but as i got closer i could see through the living room window, and there to my initial horror was "D" on all fours being spit roasted by 2 men and a 3rd stood wanking his huge cock.

Initially i was ranging mad and was about to kick the window in and drag all of them outside, when i stopped for a second and watched, anger being replaced with excitement and my cock stirring in my pants.

remembering all the fantasies we had talked about (this one fairly high on "D"'s list)

after about 15 mins of watching these 3 men with D i decided to make my way into the house as quietly as possible. I entered through the kitchen door and crept out into the hallway and along till i came to the living room, the door wasnt fully shut and i could not only see but here what was being said and done. my heart was racing and it felt like i was gonna have a heart attack it was pounding so much.

they had changed positions now "d" was leant over the sofa being fucked up the arse by the bloke who was stood earlier playing with his huge cock, the other 2 were in front of her and she was sucking both cocks at the same time. suddenly the one fucking her arse started to cum filling her bum with cum. the other 2 then sprayed cum all over her face and hair.

calling her a dirty slut. Istood there for another few mins as they cleaned up and suggested they go up stairs and she get them hard again so the can fuck her in our bed, "d" protested at first but they just grabbed her by the arms and legs and headed towards the door where i was stood, i made a quick exit for the kitchen and hid in the walk in larder. i waited for about 10 mins to make sure they had all gone up stairs, checked that nobody was in the living room and then crept upstairs to see what else they would be doing with her.

all 3 of them were stood in front of "D" offering her thier cocks and making sure they were nice and hard again. they were calling her a dirty little cock slut and she was gonna be fucked in all holes when they were all hard!!

with in minuets "d" was impaled on the biggest cock and then leant forward to take another in her mouth. the other guy got behind here and with out mercy just slammed straight into her arse, there she was all 3 holes filled by 3 cocks i just stood and started to wank at the sight before me through the slightly open bedroom door. they each changed positions a cpl of time so they all had each hole at least once.

I decided to make my entrance. I pushed the bedroom door open and shouted what the fuck is going on "D"?.

the look on thier faces was priceless, the 3 of them tossing "D" aside and scrambling to find something to cover up was bloody funny. "D" just froze with fear initially, but must have noticed my cock hanging out and moved forward to take me in her mouth, she got me harder than i have ever been i pulled out and turned her round then fucked her arse whilst slapping it calling her a dirty little cum slut and when i finish off the boys over there are gonna fuck you again whilst i watch.

the 3 fellas seemed to relax at this and were encouraging her to hurry up as they wanted to fuck her again.

as soon as i had shot my cum and withdrew the other 3 took over and i watched for a cpl of hours whilst they used "d" and their cum slut and fucked her every way they could.