Written by Andy T

8 Jul 2016

Hi all. Just a quick update. Since I wrote last my new client and I have been playing cat and mouse with a decent ending. as I said in my last post, she's been giving me a flash of her tits pretending that she can't see me. she doesn't like me coming into the house becouse of the colour of her carpets so I end up having to pee to the side of the shed which gives me a chance to show her my cock.

Well, the last time this happened, she's at the window one morning and I'm pretty sure she was stark bullock naked but I couldn't quote tell. She's looking at me half behind the curtain, I have a clear view of one of her enormous tits pressed against the glass. So of course I have a hard on.

I can see her breasts and big nipple pressing against the glass so i thought what the fuck and had a wank spraying cum over the side of her shed. She's fucking going for it, or at least the tit I could see is swinging and then pressing against the glass.

That was Wednesday, yesterday was a bit of the same but this morning I'm having a wank and she's not hiding any more, in full view her tits swinging, nipples nice and big giving herself a good fingering from what I could see.

She's been out to bring me tea and stuff with a nice tight shirt opened nice and low so leaving nothing to the imagination.

I told her the shed's nice and big if she wants to see what I've been doing. She went red and told me that she could already see what I've been doing, gave me a giggle and went back in.

I'm gutted I had to finish early to price another couple of jobs but its my last day there tomorrow so if I don't fuck her tomorrow then that's a fail for me.

In fairness though the wife of one couple I'm pricing for in a hour or so looks promising. She's not much above about 5' 2 or 3" a bit skinny with small tits but pretty as fuck and blushes when I'm there.

I'll update you when I can.