Written by Andt T

28 Jul 2016

Just another update for those of you who follow my stories. The last time I wrote I told you that I have high hopes for my new client. Unfortunately I tried my best but all I got was an occasional flash of her tiny tits. Like I said, it doesn’t always work out and sometimes I go for weeks without a new fuck. I do however have my regulars.

My wife and I divorced several years ago, she remarried to a bit of a dick head and sometimes whilst he’s in work I get a text to call round whilst her kid is in school. Her new hubby only likes sex now and again which drives her mad and only with him on top but she loves it up the ass.

I call round and sometime we have coffee and sometime we just get right to it. She has enormous tits and I love seeing them swing or get squeezed onto the table whilst I fuck her up her ass and hear her squeal. I have a good load of cum and regularly cum two three or four times so I’ll start by fucking her mouth and shooting cum into her then bend her over and cum in her again.

But my favourite regular is ‘Lucy’. We met when I was doing a job for her husband and before long became good friends. We had a mutual interest in adult parties and I took them along with my wife to one or two and they were very popular. But as he works in Canada a lot he was concerned some other cock would full her pussy so we came to an agreement.

He pays me £50 a month to mow his lawn and fuck his wife. The only rule is we have to film it and send it to him. She is so fucking hot I have difficulty not Cumming as soon as we start.

She is a true ginger top. Milk white skin, very slim with nice small pear shaped tits. Her nipples are a bright red that get extremely long and hard when I’m fucking her. She’s a bit of a show off and loves to pour honey on her nipples for me to suck off before I eat her smooth pussy.

She is an amazingly fit woman, running marathons for charity like its no big deal, in fact I would say she had the best body I’ve ever seen and I’ve fucked some great bodies.

Like I said, her skin is milky white and she has a birth mark which is the shape of a small ‘T’ on the small of her back which I see every time she’s bent over the table whilst my cock is as deep into her pussy as it can go and her long ginger hair is hiding her stunning face. I love the way she starts to shake uncontrollably when she’s about to cum which is my signal to pull out of her and replace my cock with my hand and give her a good fisting because her husband strict about me not filling his wife with cum whilst she stares at the camera and screams out to her husband that she Cumming. And then I wank myself either over her back or tits depending on what mood she’s in.

That’s once a month but what he doesn’t know is that I visit on average once a week and give her a good fucking in her bed filling her pussy, mouth or ass with cum and sometimes all in one fuck. Sometimes if it’s the wrong time of the month I fill her mouth and before now I’ve walked away with her covered from hair to tits in my white stuff. So guys, there’s hope for us all. I’m not a good looking guy just keep myself in shape and have the confidence to push my luck. I have lots more experiences to tell but let’s see what the next client is like and what I can talk her into first. She’s a little on the plump side but is pretty and has big tits. I’m not expecting much because she’s only just moved in and has only been married a couple of weeks but one can but try.