13 Jan 2016

I was married early, I was 21, my wife 23, we had a nice wedding and spent our honeymoon on Jersey, at a budget hotel, but it was ok, it had a nice room with a balcony and a bar. The downside was you shared a table in t with he dining room for breakfast and dinner with the same people, and our couple were about 80 and no conversation.

So we eventually got to meet a similar couple to us, a few years older, bsut were up for a good time, we would meet in the small bar of an evening, and swap stories, and what we had been up to during the day. My wife had never been a big drinker, and would often go to bed before the rest of us, one night we had all had a few drinks, my wife had gone to bed, and it was approaching about midnight....the barman, who doubled as the breakfast chef was constantly looking at his watch, eventually he said he was going to turn in, and we could help ourselves and sort it out in the morning.

That lefft just the three of us and an open bar, after a couple of drinks, the conversation got round to sex, and I said that my wife was still quite a prude when it came to sex, Peter said that he and Jan had always been very open about sex, and had been been to swinging parties and loved it. Jan started to quiz me on what turned me on, and things like that, I mentioned how what she was wearing got me quite excited, to which she just leant over and kissed me, a long lingering kiss, and from that first encounter became me cheating on my honeymoon.

We took the bottle and glasses, and went to sit in one of the large sofas in the corner of the bar, Jan sat in the middle of us, and straight away pulled up her skirt showing she was totally naked underneath, a lovely smooth peach like pussy, so different from my wife, who did not at the time even trim hers, and was a massive thatch that I hated...and that started my honeymoon cheating session.....Pete soon had his cock out and Jan played with my cock and his throwing her head back and thoroughly loving every minute of it...that was the first of a honemoon filled with so much sex I did not believe my luck. I would fuck my wife early morning and during the day, she knew I like a late drink and was ok with having an early night, which is when I got to play with Jan and Pete. Pete bought out my bisexual side, after a couple of nights of Jan pleasuring me, either with her hand or mouth or actually fucking me, he reached over and started to play with my cock, and it was not long before he was giving me a blowjob, and all this progressed with much teasing of Jan to him kissing me and eventually he actually straddled me and got my cock in his arse.

This lasted for the entire 8 nights that we had left of our honeymoon. We saw them on the day we left, and I managed a quick kiss from Jan in the hotel foyer. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers, my wife to this day has no idea what happened on our honeymoon. We met up twice once back home....the first time we just went for a meal, and I just got a quick kiss....the second time, Pete said he would sort something out, and half way through the evening his phone went, and said he had to go as something was wrong at work, so it was left that Jan would stay and i would take her home when we were finished. At about 10.30 I said I was ok to go as could not drink any more if I was driving, so would take Jan home. So we all went our own ways.

We all piled into the car and I took the wife home, telling her to get ready for bed and I woud take Jan home. A two minute drive from home, we were in the car park of my local pub, parked up in the corner.....where Pete was waiting, soon the three of us were in the back seat of my car..that evening I experienced having my cock sucked by both Jan and Pete, and Jan sitting on my cock and fucking the hell out of me. I got home about an hour later.....and yes, you have guessed it....the wife was asleep....as usual....

I still swing now and then...unfortunately Pete and Jan have moved away....but have met a couple from on here and we have some really good sex....I often wonder what would happen If I made a meet and it was somebody I knew!!! tell me if that has happened to you....