10 Nov 2015

Please read my must recent post on 3/11/15 titled gf horny over other men.

So I've been trying to get my gf to fuck someone else for me as long as it's someone who she doesn't work with (we do the same work and I do t want anybody finding out). She keeps refusing. Anyway the other day I noticed when she opened her text messages a message from a bloke she works with who is well known for being a sexual predator and not bad looking . I was aware that she recently worked with his department on an attachment.

I asked why she was texting him and she tried to laugh it off, saying he gave his number and she decided to text him! I asked why she didn't tell me this when I asked her the other day what blokes have been texting her, she said she forgot. More like she lied!

So I demanded to read the messages. Dating back to about 2/3 weeks ago! General chit chat mainly and nothing sexual in any, but some very mild flirting and pet names for each other! Nothing incriminating to pin on either and nothing to suggest they've met up etc, but it seemed like the early stages of flirting and who knows how it would be developed if I hadn't seen?!

Anyway, on one hand I was really upset and saddened that she lied and that she maybe fancies this man. He obviously wants her from his texts. She denies it all and said she was being naive! On the other hand I get so turned on thinking about what might've happened!

She's deleted his number and said she won't talk to him again but I won't know what goes on at work if they pass! Don't know what to do!