Written by rob

9 Jan 2008

Well several have asked for more so here goes

I worked shift and that meant someday I was in bed during the day time.

This was also the time my "aunts" husband was at work so we were in the house alone.

A coulpe of days after my previous story I was asleep after working until the early hours of the morning and awoke to fine a warm naked body beside me.

Not doing anything just laying there.

As I turned she immediatly put both her hands down and began to fondle my already solid prick and balls.

I turned onto my side and we began to kiss, tongues and all.

She writhed and pushed up to me her body matching every contour of mine we were so close.

she might have been 45 but she was still solid and well curved in all the right places.

Her breast were a good 36 plus with large well sucked nipples of a mother of two breast fed boys.

I slid my mouth down and took one of them to suck drawing the nipple between my lips and feeling it harden an become erect.

This done I took the other and did the same.

Then I sat up in bed and drew the sheets down and sat looking at her body with these fanftastic breasts and erect nipples as she lay eyes closed breathing heavily.

Her pubic hair was as her head hair,light blonde and soft to the touch as I gently rubbed my fingers in it.

I eased her labia lips apart slowly feeling the warmth and wetness then slowly inseted a finger an inch into the slippyness of her slit.

She moaned her eyes still closed and opened her legs wide.

I slid around and down and dropping off the bottom of the bed drew her down so her legs were over the edge then positioned myself with my mouth round her slit sucking the juices which came in torrents.

She writhed and moaned gasping and saying she had never had this done before alythough she had had to suck her husband off many many times,it seems he had never recipricated.

She orgasmed within seconds and then again a few seconds later.

In what must have been ten minutes she climaxed at least 20 times the spasms becoming almost continuous.

I was now to the stage I couln't keep going much longer so I slid of the bed stood up lifted her legs over my shoulders and just drove my prick deep into her fully, fucking hard and fast for no more than 10 strokes before exploding my cum into her.

When I had finished cumming I flopped onto her her legs still over my shoulders, still deep in her and once again two or three massive orgasms shook her body.

We lay like this as I subsided and slid out of her.

She then wriggled from under me and down the next I knew she had my flacid prick in her mouth sucking hard taking all her and my juices, having another orgasm before she flopped back beathing heavily and laughing to her self.

She said she now felt her revenge was complete as her husband had been fucking a young girl in the village or months.

But also that our arrangemnet was the best ever and even though she had had her revenge we were still going to shag the arse off each other whenever as she had found now horizons she wished to keep.