Written by JohnrepW

2 Feb 2009

I have posted on here before under a couple of different names and some will probably recognise my style, every one of my tales is true. I was a rep for a well-known home appliance company which gave great scope for sexual adventures. I belonged to a unit of about twelve members and an Area Manager and one day he decided that we would do a 'Blitz' on an area of my patch. This meant that we went on the knocker, in a gievn area, offering people the chance to use an appliance, usually a cleaner or a washing machine for the day. Obviously this meant that we took the opportunity to sell appliances.

My designated part was a rather country road intermittently lined with detached privately owned homes. The very first house I went to was set well back from the road and the door was answered by a quite attractive brunette aged, I guessed, in her middle thirties as I was myself at the time. Her response immediately was that she couldn't afford to buy anything. I explained that it didn't matter, we would still show her how to use the appliance and leave it for the day.

She agreed to have a washing machine, the latest model was a 'Twin-Tub', our latest machine which was a washer combined with a spin drier. She was delighted to use it and I left her to it. I had a good day and sold a couple of cleaners and a washer, this made me late to get back to this particular lady, all the rest of the lads had gone home!

Anyway back I went, I noticed as I approached that there were now no curtains at the windows and was a little concerned. I knocked on the door, no answer, I tried two or three times more with no result. I was now getting quite worried, it had been known for someone to do a flit with one of our machines. Then as I knocked one last time she answered the door, 'Oh, do come in,' she said, I followed her into the kitchen, 'I'm so sorry if you have been knocking, but I was just putting out the last of the washing I've done.' I had noticed that she had changed into a red dress while she told me that she had washed 'absolutely everything', she waved at the window, 'I've even borrowed the neighbour's washing lines.'

I was staggered, she must have been washing all day. She made a cup of coffee and I asked her what she thought of the washer, she thought it marvellous and so easy, but still 'couldn't afford one.' She then explained that her husband had left her and she was now paying the mortgage amongst other things, so had no money to spare. While she was talking I noticed that her dress was split fom armpit to waist down one side. She exposed her breast practically all the time and, as she stood, quite a lot of her body and just a suggestion of pubic hair. Then she said, 'I feel terribly guilty but I can't even pay you for the use of the machine, I don't know how to thank you.'

She must have seen me looking for she then added, laughing, 'I told you that I'd washed everything! I bet you can see more than I should be showing you because I've even washed all my underwear! I don't know how to thank you.' Then she stopped, she had leant forward giving me the most revealing view so far, she put her hand to her mouth, 'Oh, I don't know though, perhaps we could do each other a favour? I haven't had any...er... shall we say, social life? For months, and you look the sort of bloke who would take advantage of the main chance.' I laughed, 'It has been known,' I replied. 'How much time have you got?' she asked. 'Long as you like, everyone else has gone and I'm in no hurry.'

I stood up, she immediately moved close to me and we kissed, she started to breathe heavily as we continued kissing. She must have felt my erection as my body reacted to the feel of her breasts and pelvis pushing against me and she rubbed her body against mine. I slipped my hand in the open side of her dress and caressed her breast, 'Oh God,' she panted, 'I've missed this for so long.' She put her hand down between us and felt my cock, 'Mmm,let's go upstairs ....'

I followed her to a bedroom, there was a bed with nothing on it except the mattress, she laughed and left me, returning with a big bath towel which she spread over the mattress. Then he slipped out of her dress, she had a good figure, her breasts were more than a good handful, nicely shaped with those swollen-looking aureoles and smallish nipples. She had a flat stomach which accentuated a hump of a mound, sparsely covered with soft pubic hair that did little to hide the long slit that curved up from between her thighs. I saw all this as I undressed, 'Oh, nice cock,' she commented as I removed my 'Y'-fronts, very 'In' at that time.

We got on the bed kissing passionately, I caressed her lovely breasts, she was breathing hard, 'Christ,' she panted, 'I'm looking forward to this, I haven't been fucked in months.' She grabbed my cock and began working her hand up and down the shaft, considering the way she was feeling she was quite gentle. It wasn't long before I slid my hand down her body and felt her cunt. I was kissing not only her mouth but her eyes ears and neck, as well as her nipples. When I began sucking these she gasped, 'Always goes straight to my fanny when someone does that,' she told me. I sucked them harder as I caressed the soft lips of her cunt. I felt them swelling and parting, they became slippery. As I fingered her I murmured, 'Been playing with this, have you, when you've not been getting any cock?'

'Of course,' she replied, 'but there's nothing like the real thing.' I'd been finger-fucking her, now I teased her clit, her juice flowed as her cunt opened wide. 'Oh God, fuck me,' she pleaded. I moved between her legs as she opened them wide then put my cock at the entrance to her love-canal, she was certainly slippery. I pushed and the head entered her, she drew up her knees and I pushed my cock deep into her. I rested a second or two then began to thrust, she was so wet that my movements made a slurping noise. 'I always get very wet, hope you don't mind?' she panted. 'No, I don't mind, I love it,' I told her.

We kissed as we fucked, I say that because she was a real participant, rising to meet each thrust and tightening her cunt on me as I withdrew each time. I loved it and told her so, 'Oh,' she gasped, 'I believe that a woman should always do her best to join in not just lay there lettimg the man do all the work.' 'Your husband must be a real berk,' I panted, thrusting hard into her tight passage, 'I usually cum quite quickly with a new cunt,' I went on, 'where d'you want it?' 'Inside of course, don't you dare take it out!' 'Okay, but don't worry, I can go again, no trouble, you'll get as much as you want.'

A few strokes later I shot my load deep into her throbbing cunt, she gasped and moaned as she felt the hot, fierce, spurts. I flopped on her, 'How'd you like that?' I asked, gasping for breath. 'Wonderful!' came the rpely, 'Any fuck would have done the way I was feeling but that was great.' 'Well,' I said, 'soon as you can get me hard again, I'll give you a really good fucking for as long as you can stand it.' 'You're kidding!' 'Try me!' I replied.

She said, 'How soon can you get hard again?' 'Depends on you,' I replied, 'if you like sucking cock, two or three minutes.' 'Wow!' she went, 'Come on, let's see it and I'll try!' I slipped out of her and knelt up, my cock was soft and limp, glistening red and streaked with spunk. She raised her head and sucked it into her mouth, I felt her sucking and licking all the spunk and cunt juice off it. When she detected the first signs of an erection she redoubled her efforts and used her hand as well, I loved the fact that she was obviously experienced.

Once I was hard she told me to lie down, she knelt over me. Her cunt was oozing spunk as she lowered it onto my cock and sank down until the lips of her cunt spread themselves around the base of my cock. She leant forward and we kissed, I could taste my spunk and her cunt juice, I pushed my tongue into her mouth, it tasted extremely cuntish. She began to rise and fall gently on my cock but as she got into her stride started thrusting down hard. It was easy, she was so well lubricated, as well as my spunk she produced so much of her own juice that she was sloppy with it. I thoroughly enjoyed her hard work until her thighs gave out and I turned her onto her back and took over.

I just kept fucking her sloppy cunt, there was virtually no effort involved and it was easy to rub against her clit. She came for the first time with a moan and demand for more. I kept going with an occasional rest until, finally, she pleaded with me to come, 'I've cum so much that I'm exhausted,' she told me, 'but I'd love to see you cum, I've never felt a man shoot so hard inside me, I'd really love to see it!' 'Okay,' I agreed.

I gave her half a dozen strong thrusts then, pulling my cock out of her dripping hole, I gave it a couple of pumps with my hand and proceeded to shoot. She got at least six jets, first in her face (she didn't flinch) then over her breasts, body and cunt. Then I flopped at her side. 'God,' she panted, as she licked an errant trickle from her lips, 'I never knew a man could fuck for so long.' 'Training,' I told her, 'I was trained by a married woman when I was fifteen on how to pleasure a woman.' 'Well, she certainly knew her stuff!' my companion said, 'Any chance you might come back?' I laughed, 'I have six regulars now, but I'll see what I can do, you're a great fuck.'

I got home about half eight that evening, three sales and a marvellous fuck better off than when I had left that morning.