Written by JimmyWon

27 May 2011

Lets get the basics right first. I was 20. My wife of 12 months was 27. We lived in a ground floor flat of military married quarters. My mate, Mark, lived in the same block but on the first floor. His wife, Chris, also 20, was a good looking bored army wife. BUT I didn't know that at the time! We went to all the socials together, both wives went shopping together, Mark and I played football together, we worked together. Best of pals.

One Sunday morning, I heard a knock at the door and Mark was there asking if he could borrow my hosepipe so that he could wash his car. 'No problem' says I, and I dig it out of the shed and hand it over. Mark was back within 10 minutes saying that the hose connection won't stay secure on the tap. I told him that I had had the same problem and the solution was for someone to hold the hose in place on the tap. If you left it it would disconnect and you get a kitchen full of water. As he was my mate I suggested that I hold the hose in place while he soaks the car, and again while he rinses it off. OK he says.

So I find myself in his first floor flat holding the hose in place, while looking out of the kitchen window at Mark washing his car. He gives the signal to turn the water on and he starts soaking the car. Almost immediately, Mark's wife Chris comes into the kitchen on her hands and knees and crawls over to me and pulls down my shorts and starts playing with my cock. I am totally gobsmacked. I cannot speak. I want to say "What the fuck are you doing?" but I don't want Mark to see I'm spaking, I prefer to just wait and see. I am having trouble keeping a straight face for my mate outside the window. Then the blowjob starts and my knees are in danger of buckling. That girl knew how to suck a cock! Fantastic. Now I'm in danger of coming my lot there and then. I think she realises this and stops sucking. She crawls back to the door and stands up and lifts her nightdress up. What a sight, tall slim, great tits, hairy bush. She is whispering that Mark will be away - up North - next week and I am expected to pop in and fuck her. Hearing her speak like this is horny as hell. Then she is gone. Mark gives me a shout to turn the water on and I am left standing there in a daze, thinking "Did that just happen?". To say I was in a puzzled state would be an understatement. 20 minutes later I was sitting at home, having put the hosepipe away, thinking a million thoughts. Loyalty to my mate, desire for his wife, nobody need know, what if, what if, what if.

Needless to say I gave in to temptation the following week but that is another story...