Written by Paul

5 Jul 2012

My name is Paul early 40s and I own and run from home a small but successful one man business.This is a true story which happened a few weeks ago.I'm good at what I do however when it comes to doing the books I'm bottom of the class and I realised I needed to bring some one in as it was getting out of control so I contacted a local employment agency and asked them if they had some one experienced and available at short notice for 3/4 days.Just my luck they had someone and could start tomorrow so we agreed the working hours and fee.

Next morning the doorbell rings,I open it and on my doorstep is a dark haired in skirt and jacket either black tights or stockings,curvy late 50s lady "Hi my name is Janet from the agency you must be Paul" "Yes I am please come in".She steps inside and I lead her into my office and on the desk are my books.She sits down and makes a start,I offer her tea or coffee,she declines saying its too early.I ask her if its ok to leave her to it as I was going to be out all day seeing couple of clients and wouldn't be back til mid/late afternoon and tell her to help yourself to tea,coffee what ever is in the fridge.Off I go and don't get back til gone past 5 and Janet is still beavering away.I say to her that she's free to go home but she says she's happy to stay another hour or two especially as her husband is away on a golfing holiday with his mates.I ask her "have you eaten" she replies "I made a sandwich with things I found in your fridge hope you don't mind" "Of course not" I reply "I'm going to order a chinese would you like to share it with me" "thank you".I open a bottle of wine and offer her a glass which she accepts.I order the chinese then go upstairs for a shower and by good timing food arrives just as I'm coming down the stairs.Janet is still number crunching over a calculator.I tell Janet to stop for the day,to go into the lounge,kick off her shoes and relax.I bring the food and the bottle of wine through and lay it on the coffee table and proceed to dish it up on her plate whilst Janet is relaxing on the sofa so I sit next to her and we commence eating and soon we're chit chatting away.I ask her general things about her life,her marriage etc and soon she tells me she's 59 but spends most of the time on her own as the children have grown up and her husband spends his days and weekends playing golf with his mates.Whilst she's telling me I notice she's placed her hand on my thigh and says "I don't exactly miss him as we lead separate lives anyway but I do miss sex".Before I can even reply her hand has moved up to my crotch and she starts rubbing it making my cock go hard.She unzipped me pulls out my hard cock leans over and starts licking and sucking it.After about 10 mins she stands up,slips off her jacket,unzips her skirt which falls to the ground and she's in stockings.She unbuttons her blouse and takes off her bra releasing a lovely pair of tits.I also undress and standing up Janet knees down in fron of me and takes my cock back in her mouth licking,sucking and rubbing it along her tits.I tell her to get on the sofa so I can lick her pussy out she says no I need a fucking its been too long so I push her down pull her panties off and push my cock into her sweet moist pussy and start fucking her whilst her legs are up in the air.Fuck me from behind she says so I pull out turn her over and push my cock back into her whilst playing with her hanging tits.She screams out fuck me hard and cum in my pussy which I do.After filling her pussy with creamy white cum we lay back on the sofa and she whispers in my ear I want you to fuck me in the arse I've always want to try it but my husband doesn't want to.At that moment my cock suddenly gets hard again and I tell her to get on all fours on the carpet which she does.I tell her to pull her arse cheeks apart which she does and I slowly with a bit of spit enter her arse.She groans but says keep going by then all my cock is her arse and I start fucking her hard.I start telling her I'm cumming her reply come in my arse and a second later I fill her arse with my spunk.I pull out ask her if she's enjoyed it as it was her first time and she says she loved it.I say lets go for a shower and she ends up staying the night and more fucking.She gets my books done and since then we see each other once twice a week for more of the same