Written by rustynuts

15 Apr 2011

When I last posted Trisha and I were on our journeys home from a sex filled weekend on Chester.

We knew we wanted to keep on with our lustful meetings and had both agreed to be honest with out partners. We spoke each day by phone and on the Friday she told me that she had told him about us. I knew that I would tell Amanda,my sexless partner too. I immediately did and she didn't believe me,although I kept telling her over and over. In the end she said"prove it then, let's all meet up." I agreed and rang Trisha. She needed aome persuading and in the end came round to the idea.

The next day we met up at my house and I cooked some food. When Trisha and Derek arrived I couldn't help myself and held her tight planting a hard kiss on her lips. He just watched and accepted it. Trisha was again looking beautiful. Nothing special in terms of clothes, jeans and a loose white top, but as always her body did things to me that I had never felt with anyone else. Why did I let her go 30 years ago?

Amanda appeared and said hello to them both and then, " so he has got you here to back up his stupid story has he?" Trisha defended me but my partner said she would only believe it if she saw us "at it". I got a bit brave and said "well it can be arranged. You wouldn't be the first to see us." I was referring to the maid and the man in the woods from previous stories. Trisha came to me and kissed me deep and hard and I responded. We pasionately pulled each other close and she whispered " let's show her." I said nothing but she knew I agreed. We started to feel each other and my hands were all over her, I was getting harder by the second. Trisha felt my erection against her and rubbed it outside my trousers. I wanted her right there and then. She slightly.pulled away and pulled my shirt off, and kissed licked and bit my nipples. My short 5 inch but thick cock was crying out to be released. trisha obliged and knelt down to free my aching prick. As I stepped out of my trousers Amanda said " look at his fucking pathetic little dick, how can he satisfy. anyone with that?" Trisha said " just watch him" and smiled at me as she.opened her mouth and swallowed my cock.

She sucked and licked me while she played with my scrotum and I was in heaven. Eventually she stood up and said that she was ready now. I lifted her up and took her to the sofa where I sat her.on the edge. I felt her gorgeous tits under her top and then removed it, followed by her bra. I fed myself on her breasts and felt them in all their glory. My hands descended to her jeans.and I unzipped her. I felt her tight.childless and soaking pussy, and she hummed with pleasure. She raised her arse and I rendered her completely naked. Amanda said that she still was not convinced.

I had long since forgotten about her and Derek. I lowered my face to smell trisha, and as always she smelt so sexy. I ate her like a wild animal. I pushed my tongue in her, and sucked her clit hard . We both have staying power and although she came hard, pushing her fanny into my face, we just carried on. By now my cock was painfully solid so I slid her onto the floor and slipped into her doggy style. She pushed back and I fucked for all I was worth. All the tome I pulled on her tits and playfully slapped her bottom. Trisha reached under her to play with herself and my bollocks too. I came so hard I thought she would shoot off me. We both yelped with the pleasure of it and I wilted inside her. She turned around to clean me and then I licked my juices and need from aroumd her puffy lips, (both types).

What we saw then was amazing. Across the room, Derek had his cock out, and was wanking it hard. It was impressive in length at around 8 inches but pencil thin. And more amazingly Amanda had dropped her skirt and knickers and was frigging herself. When they saw us looking they just carried on until Derek shot his load , some of which landed. on her leg, and she shuddered to orgasm.

Trisha and I played with each other until we were ready again and shagged for them again in different positions.

Proof enough I think