Written by tom

27 Feb 2010

I want to write and let everyone know what fun I had last week after my wife and i were driving back from a night out I had not been drinking as i had to drive as the night out was out of town.

It was a meal and music night at the golf club Jill was enjoying the dancing and had quite a few glasses of wine that night and I had to tell her a few times her dress was riding up when she was dancing sometimes and showing a bit to much.

When I told her she said just as well I didn't do what you would have wanted and not wore any panties I said yes but but everyone will see you have stockings on and they are for my eyes only she said oh are you jealous when she said that i got so horny and said so you like others seeing up your dress and she said maybe they are only looking.

The night went great and i kept thinking what Jill had said and had always wanted to see what she would do if we had ever been caught while we had been having some fun in the car and this got me thinking of taking her to this place I had heard about when we left the club.

Jill had a lot to drink that night and was quite merry and was all over me when we got in the car and again her dress had slipped up showing her stocking tops it got me so horny and that made my mind up.

It took me about 30min to drive to this car park it was at beside a forrest that had good walks I could hardly contain myself i had my hand up Jills dress all the way there rubbing her clit she was laying back and enjoying it all the time i was hoping that there would be a few cars about and see if anyone was walking about.

jill never knew what i was up to and asked where we were when i stopped the car I just told her that she looked so sexy tonight that i could not wait till we got home that she was getting me so horny she said lets see and grabbed at my cock and said so i see I had a raging hardon.

I saw that there was a couple of cars parked so i drove up past them and parked a few places away near to some trees and had Jills dress unbuttoned her white bra seemed to glow somehow it didn't seem to be that dark thats when i noticed that there was someone beside the tree with some sort of light shining it into the car and could see jill with her dress wide open and showing her tits to a stranger.

It was as horny as I had imagined and wanted to get more of jills clothes i had both of our seats right back and she had her eyes closed and hadn't seen that someone was outside watching he had switched the light off, I pulled her dress off her shoulders and she lifted herself up so i could take it right off she was laying there just in her bra pants and hold up stockings just then the light came back on and went up and down Jills body it was like looking at someone other than my wife.

I had stripped my shirt and trousers off and jill had her hand down my shorts while i played with her tits and slipped her bra straps of her shoulders and had both her tits out and was making sure that when the light came on to her tits I was holding them so he could see how hard her nipples were and would give them a good suck all the time i was talking to jill telling her how much a tease she had been at the golf club and that a few of the guys there had seen up her dress and asked her if she liked doing that.

She said that she wasn't aware she was doing that and they wouldn't have seen that much anyway I told her that i had wished she had done what i had wanted and not wore panties and they would have been able to have seen everything and would do that next time if i asked I could see it was getting her all horny her nipples were all hard and she was so wet thats when I decided i was going to strip her naked and let this stranger see her naked his light was moving up and down her body and lingering on her panties i could see how wet she was and wondered if he could see.

Well here goes I unclipped her bra then started to pul at her panties she lifted herself up again to help me get them off I knelt up on the seat so she could suck me and I was able to open her legs a bit and rub her clit and now i could see how he had the light on Jills pussy and it seemed so bright and I was holding her legs open for him to see, I looked out and could see that there were two guys standing right up at the window with there cocks out wanking I stopped jill sucking me and lay down and told her to get on top of me and let me look at you.

Jill got up and was sitting on top of me when she noticed the guys at the window I saw her look of shock and closed my yes and pretended i didn't know and waited to see what she done and when she just kept moving on top of me i opened my eyes and she was looking straight out the window and staring at their cocks I was pumping away at her knowing that two strangers were looking at my wife naked and getting fucked only a few feet away then I saw what i thought was a torch that had been shining on the wife and could see it was a video cam and was filming us just then jill started to moan and was ready to cum she was leaning back feeling her tits and was offering them up tot the guys I shot all I had into her as she came and fell on top off me and said that we were being watched buy people outside I told her i didn't care and to sit up and let them see how sexy you are she said she couldn't do it i said they have seen you now so they wont see anything they havent seen already i pushed her up a bit and she started to sit up again and look at them I told her to ask them if they like what they saw.

There she was sitting naked and asking two strangers if they liked looking at her she never thought for a minute that one of the guys was filming her it was when one of the guys wanted her to open the door i said that we should get dressed and leave

When we got home we had the best sex ever we could not stop talking about what had happened and what we let happen I even told jill that i had seen one of the guys had a a video cam and had filmed us and her naked It was only when Jill said what if he puts it on the web I got a bit scared but didn't seem care and then thought that if he did there would be hundreds of guys able to see Jill naked and that turned me on again i only wished that i could see it happen If you see a great looking female in a car like i have told you I might be Jill so let me hear your comments on here

Tom & Jill