Written by Elizabeth

20 Mar 2013

Hi my name is Liz and I only found this site as I was looking for something else and the Google memory thing kicked it up.

I'm 55 married and until I saw what I'm about to relate thought I was happy.

My husband and I have been married for over thirty years and have for the most part lived in Asia as that's where Stans job is. At present we are based in Singapore.

get to the point, being an expat wife affords us pretty much all the money we need and cars and drivers and stuff so we can do as we like. My husband is on the road a lot so we wives usually start our day with a tennis lesson than home to get dressed to go out for lunch.

The episode I want to relate is about my close friend Debbie who is a great gal and is married to I have to say a fat bastard who would rather go out and booze than like normal families stay home and have dinner. This is not to say my husband Stan is not in that area but he takes care me and our 4 daughters first. Oh and Stan is a runner so is in great shape.

So back to the tale I want to relate, The lunch bunch as we call ourselves had been out for some grub and as it was about mid afternoon had headed home.

Now here comes the good part, we had drank a few glasses of wine over lunch so were a little tipsy but my way home passed by Debbies house so I said I can drop you off.

My driver pulled into Debs drive and as Deb was getting out of the van he helped as they all do but Debbies dress had rucked up over her I have to say shapely thighs and his eyes followed the hem all the way.

Now just to say in the hot countries of Asia we just wear light summer dresses with just tan colored hold up stockings underneath with our panties of course.

So I needed a pee so looked for my driver to wait but he wasnt there. I busted into Debbies downstairs lo0 unanounced to see my driver bending Deb over the sink and her panties just below her stocking tops being shagged and loving it.

I wanted to relate this encounter just to get advice as I was so turned on at wathing Deb getting fucked that I wondered should I flash some guy in a bar somewhere to get his attention.?