Written by ally

26 Aug 2015

Like most of the posts I have read most husbands after years of marriage seem to want there wife's to have sex with another m I'm no exception. My wife is no prude gets a kick out of flashing, she would wear dresses that men could easily see up to her stockings and knickers but I was always with her which always gives me an erection, we would go home and have sex and I said the man looking up your dress would love to be here now feeling your stockings and fingers in your knickers, she agreed but in the cold light of day it was different. Frustration was an understatement, wanking was my only answer. Life went on and nothing changed, she got herself a part time job which was in the early evening and got home about eight. I noticed a few times she was later, but thought nothing of it I was probably wanking off to porn. These later nights more frequent, is she at it, next time she said she may be a little later I said enjoy yourself see you later. She left and after a while I left and went to the pub they all had a drink at. I sat in the other bar and could see their were six or seven of them, she had her back to me and the others wouldn't know me, they seemed to be drinking heavily, although my wife didn't need much, she seemed quite engrossed with one particular man, I moved places she still couldn't see me but I could see her very plainly,, she was crossing and ungrossing her legs, he was clearly getting a good view of her knickers, I could feel an erection coming on, they all got up to leave, but they ordered another drink, they moved closer I could see his hand on her knee which seemed to move up her dress, I knew the look on her face when she was excited, she was moving back and forward he must be fingering her. They stopped and left, I followed them to his car they got straight in the back. I waited a few minutes and moved closer to the car her dress was around her waist her knickers pulled over , his fingers we're in and out of her cunt, I saw him undo his trousers and move into her, her face was a picture I was wanking and came very quickly.I left and got home, she came a little later, ..good night, not bad usual( was it) .the next night I would explain that I was there and watched everything, if you're interested please comment and I will report what happened, I'm sure it will be very enjoyable.