Written by darren5892004

16 Aug 2013

I have often over the years got off on reading the stories, where other guys have seen there partners enjoying other men.

What I'm about to write happened a few nights ago on the 13 Aug 13. I'm not the best story writer and I may have spelling mistakes but this is how it unfolded and left me with one of the most erotic sights I could of wished for and the moans and groans could of made me cum there and then.

About us, we are a young couple, Me 36 and Debbie 26. Debbie is not a model but just normal, size 10, 30f boobs about 5ft6 with long dark hair. She has great boobs with dark nipples that become hard when she is aroused and a very wet pussy that when turned on her clit becomes large and. Sensitive.

We have been together for a number of years and have a child, sex often in a relationship becomes stale and I have during love making brought up the idea if wanting a well endowed guy to fuck her or that I come home from work to see her being fucked.

This has lead to her seeming turned in responding with dirty talk and her acting out I was a different guy and showing me how dirty she would be, afterwards it was you know it's not happening.

I enjoy reading the stories on the site and often will get off to them, while thinking of Debbie being in the story.

Well we went to the National Fire Works Championship in Plymouth and during this I teased her with a pic of a guy I had been chatting to that was Vwe, least 12inchs long and thick, she twigged that I had sent him a few pics of her and tried to act out she was not impressed but I felt she secretly enjoyed it.

While we were going home I told her that he was calling in to see her that night at 23.30, she was like is he hell. I told her that it was my biggest fantasy to watch her being fucked by another guy, after some talking and some protesting she agreed that she would do it, as a one of and never to be repeated.

This shocked me and left me having knots in my tummy, with fear but a whole load of lust and excitement about what would happen.

While we were waiting for him, Debbie did not dress up, she was dressed in a little white skirt that just covered her pants, black vest top and black bra.

I was sat on the sofa and we were just kissing and chatting, I was so aroused and tried to slip in her, but she was not having it, instead she let me remove her pants and I was allowed to finger her, straight away she was wet. Then the moment of truth, the tap on the window, so I let our guest in and introduced Debbie to him.

We all sat on the sofa while the room was lit with some candles. Debbie was in the middle and I started off by kissing her gently and making sure she was ok, our guest was gently massaging her thighs and working close to her pussy. What struck me was how Debbie was quite contented and enjoying it, she was passionate with her tongue pushing in to my mouth with little whimpers and moans and pushing herself up and thrusting.

Our guest was going slow and during this stage, he was now tracing the outline of her pussy and playing with it while she let out a moan and fuck me...

I was now pulling her bra down to let her tits be exposed but not free from the bra, sort of with her nipples just poking out while I was nibbling them and then kissing her neck. The next stage was watching him drop to his knees and come between debs legs and go down on her. The gasps and groans that were coming from Debbie told me she was loving it. I wanted to just cum there and then but was doing all I could to contain my lust and excitement of watching the woman I love, being with another guy and have him in what I view as my territory. She was now starting to simmer and the groans of pleasure were becoming more and more, while he was licking and fingering her pussy, I reached down to her clit to play and was amazed that her clit was twice its normal size and really puffy telling me she was aroused by what our guest was doing.

I took a back step to observe this guy taking my partner to the brink where she was moaning like a slut with him now touching and exploring every part of her body. He had now removed her bra allowing her breasts to drop, I watched him biting her nipples while working her pussy, all with her moaning and groaning, this was to much for me and I had to join back in.

Debbie was now reaching for his cock and her words to me was its huge, just watching her wank him with him groaning was like a blur of lust and wild passion, as Debbie spent 10 mins pleasuring him.

From here, he laid back on the sofa and I watched her straddle him bare back, i have never seen her so eager to take it and after her taking it slowly he was buried deep inside her, she was whimpering as she was riding him. They were gentle at first while she was getting used to the size, from the view I had, he was just playing with her boobs and kissing her while her pushy lips were stretched wide apart.

Debbie seemed so focused on the fucking she was taking and he started to up the tempo and was really thrusting away, with her moaning and moaning, he said to her that he was going to cum, he asked her where she wanted it, her words that it was to be inside. He now really was ramming it in to her before I saw him tense and shoot his cum up her pussy.

She seemed to shudder and just laid on top of him looking fucked like I have never done. They laid there for a while while I kissed her and asked did she enjoy. He now had pulled out and came down between her legs and started to lick his cum from her pussy, she was looking at me shocked, not knowing what to do. This was simply mind blowing and I was now kissing her with real passion, this all became to much and we just all collapsed on the sofa with us on each side.

After a while we continued to play with her, me now licking at her pussy while he had his cock in her face while she was wanking it.

While I was licking away she started to groan and buck on my tongue and I know from her she was coming.

At this point, I told our guest to ram it up her hard deep and fast while she was on her back.Seeing him now treating her as a slut and her screaming with pleasure and pain as he lunged it back and forth, he came for the second time in her wet and cum filled pussy.

This sent me over the edge and I jumped in his place and was adding my spunk to his while she laid there looking fucked.

After this, he left and we then cuddled with her saying she enjoyed but it would not happen again.

Seeing this and the woman I love being used and abused was the most erotic site, for 2 days after she won't let me near her as she said he was huge and she felt bruised.

I can't wait to fuck her again and see if she feels different