Written by Jason&Maggie

19 Nov 2009

A couple of summers back me and Maggie went to the Med on holiday. We always enjoy our break and Maggie likes to get as much tan as possible, sunbathing topless with a thong. She is proud of her 36d tits and round arse and enjoys men looking at her. On this holiday we found that there was a clothing optional beach nearby and decided to give it a try. She was in her element laid on the beach naked. We have often fantasised having other men fuck her and I suggested that she sit alone as I watched from a distance and see what happened. She keeps her pussy trimmed and on our first visit, noticed a large number of, both men and women were completely shaved. She thought that the mens hairless bodies and cocks looked really sexy, so that night after she shaved her pussy she shaved me, legs, back, chest, arse, cock, balls, the lot. She sucked me off, saying how much nicer a hairless cock is and I must admit that I found my new shaved look nice too.

The following day we went to the beach separately and she put up a sun umbrella and lay on her mat. She was struggling to oil her back when she was approach my a man of about 30, 10 years younger than her, who offered to help. As I watched he oiled her back and legs before she rolled over. He was kneeling and no one was close as he poured oil on his hands and massaged oil onto her tits, she loves her tits being touched and knew she would be getting aroused. He moved his hands over her stomach moving down and it wasn't long before she parted her legs and he was rubbing her clit with his fingers. This went on for several minutes until I saw her squeeze her tits which always means she's cum. She hadn't touched him and after a few minutes he left as she packed her things, then walked passed me stopping briefly just to say "I need to be fucked". Back at the apartment we fucked as she talked about how wet and randy she'd been knowing I was watching her being fingered on a public beach. I asked if she had wanted him to fuck her and she said yes, but she wasn't ready to go that far yet.

We went to various parts of the beach each day, sometimes together, others I'd watch as she was helped with her sun lotion and we'd go to our apartment and fuck as she talked about it. It wasn't until almost the end of the holiday that she went further. She was sunbathing when she received an offer to help. It was late afternoon and quiet, as he did her front. moving down to her pussy. This man was about 40, had no body hair, I'd noticed that even soft he had a large prick. They were practically hidden, from a casual observer, by the umbrella. He was working her clit when she reached for his cock and took hold of him wanking him hard. He was about 8" or so when erect and she rolled on her side and started to suck him. He continued on her cunt as he made small movements slipping his cock in and out of her mouth until he stiffened and jerked his hips as he came in her mouth. He rubbed her for a little longer until she came. They lay by each other for while before he left and we returned to the flat.

After we'd fucked she asked me if I really wanted to see her being fucked by another man. I said I did and she said that the bloke she'd sucked off that afternoon had such a lovely prick she wanted him to fuck her and had his mobile number. I told her to ring him and to bring him back to the flat when it was dark, so I could watch from the balcony.

She went out to meet him and returned to the flat at about 11pm. I'd left the balcony door slightly open and the curtains apart. As I watched they kissed and he pulled her dress over her head and sucked her nipples. His shirt and trousers were soon gone and she stepped out of her thong as they got on the bed. He got her in the 69 position and were soon sucking and licking each other. Her mouth was full of his cock as his head moved between her legs. He took it slowly and brought her to orgasm as he took his cock out of her mouth. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs so I could see her soaking cunt as she said "I want your big cock in me. Fuck me". He got between her legs and she put her legs around his body. I could see his thick prick stretching her fuck hole wide as he pushed hard into her waiting cunt. My cock was hard as she gasped out loud taking his full length in one fluid movement as he shafted her deeply. She held him tightly he was pounding her so hard the bed was banging against the wall, Maggie screaming that her cunt had never felt so full. She was throwing her head from side to side begging him to give her his spunk when she came. He carried on fucking her, pulling out ramming back in she was almost crying as she came again. He still hadn't cum and wanted her on top. He got on his back and Maggie looked out towards where she knew I was, as she got on top, facing the balcony. She took hold of his cock and fed it in to her gaping cunt, juices running down her legs as he stretched her again. She was more in control and fucked his cock, he was thrusting back, until his prick spasmed 3 or 4 times as he eventually came inside her as she squeezed her tits with one hand frigging her clit with other cumming again with him. They stayed like that with his cock inside her until he was soft, his spunk gushing out of her cunt as she stood up. He wanted to stay but she said that she wanted him to leave. As soon as he was out the door I was on her, spread her legs wide going down on her cunt and licking the remaining cum and juices from her ravaged pussy. She was under me as I moved up her body to her face kissing her so she could taste the juices I'd just licked from her cunt. My cock was touching her cunt, I slid into her and and slowly fucked her until I too came inside her pussy.

After we had showered we talk about what had happened. She had enjoyed being fucked, knowing I was watching and I'd been delighted to watch her wanton display as she was fucked.

We both agreed that we wanted it to happen again, to find men who'd be willing to join us as I fucked her as well as being watched fucking her.

In the last two years I have lost count of the number of men who've fucked her and more recently she has had her arse fucked. She is at her most daring when we are out looking for men to fuck her. Sometimes I'll just watch, and we fuck after, but usually I join in. We will bring them back to our house, in hotels and outdoors which has led to some of the most enjoyable and memorable fuckings she's had. In fact outdoor and public sex is her favourite. There are I number of other tales we could tell if anyone is interested.