Written by Watcher

6 Aug 2013

I’ve always wanted to watch my wife have sex with another man. Why, I don’t know.

But the image created in my mind of seeing her sexually involved with another man is certainly affecting something in my brain. Although she was very reluctant at first, ultimately, after much discussion, she agreed to try it. I guess just because I wanted it to happen. She and I searched the internet and we found Gerald. After exchange of pictures and sexual wants, we finally agreed to meet him at a motel.

When the three of us were in the motel room, Gerald’s first words to her were, “Let’s be clear. I am here to have sex with you while your husband watches but not participates. Is that your understanding?”

She said “Yes”.

Spreading his arms to show off his body to her, he asked, “Do you like what you see?”

She said “Yes”.

Gerald said, “I like what I see too. I hope we can be here for several hours. Is that OK”?

She said “Yes”.

Gerald then told her, “Come over here and show me how much you want to do this.”

He was standing by the bed when she got beside him.

“Take your clothes off”, he told her and I watched her begin to undress.

I was surprised at how fast they were getting to it.

As each part of her naked body got revealed, he stared attentively at the slowly emerging nakedness. I was intently watching her beautiful naked body unfold too.

When she was totally naked, he gently pushed her on the bed so that she was lying on her back with her legs bent over the side of the bed. He then raised her feet to the bed and spread her legs. He was then staring down at her totally naked body and very well exposed pussy. He continued staring at her pussy while touching it with his fingers and both of his hands. He seemed mesmerized with his actions and what he was seeing.

Not much later, he dropped to his knees in front of her and pushed his face onto that pussy and immediately began licking and playing with it. He stretched his arms up to her tits and began playing with them. As he was stimulating her with his mouth and lounge, she began breathing hard and softly moaning. I noticed that she put both of her hands on his head.

Later, he stood up and began undressing, all the while staring at her nakedness. He told her, “I want to see you masturbate”.

As he took off his clothes, he was staring down at her masturbation actions. I could hear her moaning as she excited herself. Her mouth is an oval. Her eyes are closed. Her knees are raised and slightly apart. Her fingers are rubbing her clit. She is preparing herself for him to penetrate her.

When he was totally naked, his large erection pointed straight out ahead of him waiting to plunge inside of her.

Right in front of him her legs were apart waiting for him to begin. Her fingers continued masturbating her body. When I watched him squeeze between her upright knees to mount her, I had a direct view of her hand now maneuvering his dick towards her pussy. The sight of this filled my entire body with sexual excitement.

Even before she got his dick entirely inside of her, he began fucking her and she began slamming him back. Their motions were in time with each other. They were staring into each other’s eyes which were only inches apart.

I had finally achieved my goal. I was watching another man fuck her. She was fucking him back. All three of us were in sexual heaven. I never realized how sensual and exciting this was going to be. Watching these two totally naked people go at it was sexual intensity at its maximum.

He dropped his head down and kissed her. She kissed him back.

I was fully dressed just sitting and watching them fuck. There was nothing else I wanted to do. I know how good it is to have sex with her as I have had plenty of experience and I know better than anybody how good she is sexually. I know for a fact that he is getting a good partner.

“You are so tight”, he blurts out. “Don’t stop”, she moans.

In spite of her not wanting him to stop, he didn’t last long which I anticipated for the first fuck of the day. I know how sensitive her tight vagina can be. His groans then told me that he was coming inside of her. I moved a little to get a better view of his cum beginning to leak out of her onto the bed. They both continued fucking each other but their intensity gradually subsided.

Soon, they completely stopped their motions and were lying silently beside each other.

A short time later, he got up and wrapped a towel around his waist. While standing next to the bed he asked her, “Do you like fucking me?”

She said, “Yes, very much.”

He then went into the bathroom.

When he was gone, I whispered to her “How are you doing”.

“I’m fine” she replied. I’m more concerned about you.”

Gerald came back quickly and I didn’t have time to talk anymore. He quickly was lying next to her again. I heard him say, “I want more of you. I promise I’ll last longer. Suck me and make it hard.”

I then watched with voyeuristic attention as she moved to get his dick in her mouth. She held it with one hand and began moving her mouth up and down on it.

I was amazed at how fast they were accommodating each other, especially watching his dick grow large with the extra attention she was paying to get him excited again.

He then asked, her, “Any special position you want to try?” She then told him to get on his back. She then sat on his mouth and bent over to create a 69 position in order to continue sucking on his dick, which she did.

I then watched them fuck for what seemed to be an hour. She was squealing and moaning having what I figured was orgasm after orgasm after orgasm in position after position after position. The novelty and past experience she brought to the party kept both of them sexually involved the entire time. But he also taught her a thing or two; and me too.

Finally he said he had to leave. As he was leaving, he was at the door looking back at her saying, “Thank you for an especially god time.”

Then as he was walking out the door he turned around again and said to her, “Call me, I’ll do this any time you want.”

When he was finally gone, she and I then had our sex party and we fucked and talked about the details of what had just happened.

She asked me if the whole experiance was what I expected it to be.

"Not really", I offered, "In many ways it was better than I expected. Before hand I was afraid that negative feelings would set in but that didn't happen. Possibly your pledge to never see or contact Gerald again supplied some reassurance that romantic issues would not emerge to hurt our relationship.

I asked her if she would consider doing it again but with someone new. She agreed to think about it.